I have no idea what the subject is.

March 2, 2005

Just got home from work.
Actually really enjoying it there now.
I have more seniority now, basically almost head busser (only guy above me is in training for waiter)
Its good to have power.

I really just don’t want to go to school tomorrow.
All I’m doing is doing nothing in T.A.
Then I Feel Day in Peer Counseling.
Which I’m not really wanting at the moment.
Because apparently I talk too much
And no one can spare a though to tell me nicely
Rather than half the class telling me to shut up.
I know I talk to much.
Call me on it, by all means.
But do it with a bit of kindness.
Even people who talk to much have feelings.

Saturday, getting Sadie’s gear.
Got my $336 paycheck cashed so I have more than enough funds for tickets, clothes, and pics.
Plus I get payed the day before the dance.
So more pluses there.
Not sure what we’re doing for pictures yet.
Not sure what we’re doing for much of the dance at all yet limh
(P.S. limh = Laughing in my head
Because really.
Who lol’s all that much anyway?
Pronounced lih-meh
Spread it.)
Id love to get the couple’s pictures because that would be cute.
But controversy will be abounding at that point.
I don’t feel like egging it on anymore than I have to.
I’m sure that nothing will happen.
Some people will make comments
Some might start rumors
(Not that I haven’t heard the “Luke Miller is gay” one yet)
But in the end, I’ll be there with the hottest boy at the dance
And knowing that I’m the one that gets to kiss him.
And most people will look, keep their thoughts to themselves, and move on.

Debating whether or not to try for a kiss during a slow dance…
That would be hot.

Funny thing is I know he’s prbly gonna read this.
So be prepared for a romantic kiss at some point.
Or at multiple points.
Let me know if you’d rather me not in front of the people.

Basically Im way too excited for this dance.
I need to order our t-shirts.
And find a place to buy masks.
Party warehouse?
Wishing Well?
We’ll see.

My car will HOPEFULLY be done tomorrow, and I’m not knocking on any god damn wood.
Thats failed me so far.
Ill knock on plastic.
Or leather.
But no wood.
There was some stuff wrong with houw we put the engine back together so we fixed that.
Waiting for new intake gaskets to come in.



5 Responses to “I have no idea what the subject is.”

  1. pavski3 said

    kiss him…and if people say something…Fuck um! That what i say…what ever make you happy!

  2. arbol_de_luke said

    that’s what BRIAN says, you’re just a copy of a copy like me, loser, HA take your three little dots! btw, you might not want to claim sayings from QAF as yours, people do watch it, just to let you know…lol, sorry, just happy that i found your copy, even though i know other stuff that you’ve copied. so don’t make a deal out of it when i do it, and yes, i do hold a grudge, i swear to god, i’ll never forget about you saying that savory isn’t “salty or plain”…hehe

    anyways, done clogging up comment space, oh, btw, i was planning on kissing him anyways, hehe, i actually texted him right after i read it to tell him that…

  3. arbol_de_luke said

    i’m sorry, i feel like a dumb fuck after the last comment…it was emmet that says “Fuck ‘um” anyways. lol.

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