Most Perfect Night Ever

July 2, 2005

So last night was the most perfect night ever. In the history of… well anything really.

I got off work at like 10:15 after the most aggravating night ever, and then went down to Travis’. When i got there, he didnt answer the doorbell so i called him and he let me in gave me a hug and a kiss and i put my stuff in his room. We went out back and around the hammock by the pool he had lit a bunch of candles and had music playing, and he gave me a single stem red rose… It was too cute… We cuddled listening to music for a while, then I got cold and we went inside and cuddled on the futon and watched MOST of “Meet the Fockers” *wink wink*. Then a shower and we fell asleep listening to music and cuddled up close.

Ive never had anyone do anyhting that romantic and cute for me before. The candles and rose and music and just… the fact that he cared enough to do any of that for me was kinda… overwhelming in a PERFECT way. I love hopeless romanticism, and it was so amazing.

Ok enough of my gushing.


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