I suck at thinking of titles….

July 18, 2005

So just got home from sac. I initially was just gonna go to Arden and back, but i ended up going over to Travis’ house and hanging out with he and Claire for a while, then Claire left and Travis was on the computer for a while and then was apparently exhausted so i went home.

Ive been all insecure about my relationship lately, but Travis put it to rest kinda… I’m apparently more insecure than I thought. He said that he does really like me a lot and so far theres been nothing to change that. Im lame and start thinking people dont like me anymore for no reason. I dont know how to fix it either, and its a really disheartening feeling. Maybe i just need to be reassured more often? But then im being high maintenance and would come off as totally clingy and needy… which I don’t want to be either. BAH. Im a weird person.

Whatever, I just need to realize that he does like me and thats that. I like him, a lot actually, so that should be all that matters.

The distance doesnt matter to me, i have a good income and a good mileage car that makes it not a big problem.

The fact that he hangs out with his ex isnt a problem, as theyre just friends. Kinda a natural “Ehh” kinda suspiciousness about that whole situation but thats just background noise and ive pushed that aside. I trust him, and ive been assured that its nothing.

Basically its great. Tuesday (well wednesday really but i work) is our one month and i have something planned that I haven’t told him about yet, so I cant post it here til it happens.

Anyhoo. Im done.


One Response to “I suck at thinking of titles….”

  1. wh0adanny said

    that’s good that it doesn’t matter to you that he hangs out withhis ex. it shows your maturity. dude, my boyfriend is in europe with his ex bf of 2 years and for some reason that doesnt bother me. this girl at work, who is really good friends with jeff’s ex was like, shouldnt you be worried something will happen? the truth is no. i can’t explain it, but it’s the best feelingto know that you’re not childish and can have a good relationship. lol 🙂

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