April 7, 2006

I haven’t written in this for a good 8 months. If you know me well enough, you know generally whats happened since, so I won’t bore you with a long update.

Just got home from chillin’ with Charlie, Sean, and Stephanie. Watched South Park and an episode of Big Love. Very interesting show. I’m super exhausted though. I should’ve left at like 10 rather than 11:15. We’re HOPEFULLY having a sleepover night there tomorrow or saturday, so I get to make up my travel bag just in case tonight so I can take it with me and be ready.

Charlie might be moving out pretty soon, which is awesome. A great opportunity opened up and so he might very soon have a really nice place to stay. Sean and Steph showed interest in moving in too. Sadly, I won’t be able to most likely. I mentioned it a few times and everyone kinda made it seem like it won’t happen. Charlie said I’d be over all the time anyway so it doesn’t matter, but it does actually. It sucks living in CP when everyone you hang out with and pretty much everything you do is 30-45 miles away. So even if I was spending a lot of time over there, I’d still have to come home a lot. Which still means an assload of driving. But whatever. I’ll just live at home and eventually move into a junky apartment with what little money I can scrounge up I guess. And own cats.

I’ve come off as really caustic sounding in a lot of ways lately and its bothering me. Like just now. It sucks and I’m really very disappointed about it, but there’s nothing I can do. It’s one of my too many “Oh well” situations. And when I look at it, it probably wouldn’t work. I haven’t even asked Charlie if he would be comfterble with that, his parents and my parents probably wouldn’t approve, rent and bills would be an issue… Blah.

I’m tired and babbling. Go to sleep.