School is for Squares!

August 21, 2006

So today was the first day of this semester, and it went alright. It started HORRIBLY though. I was tired this morning because of not being able to sleep last night, so actually getting up was an adventure. Everything went smoothly up until i ad to do my hair. I left my hairspray at home, so I had to go to the first day of school with my hair a mess. I know, I know, GASP! Messy hair!? *sarcasm* But anyone who knows me knows how picky I can be about my appearance, and I was hoping to look nice for school.

BUT anyway, school went pretty well. My classes seem alright, and I know someone in either of my classes so far. Let’s just hope my luck holds out. I’m planning to be a LOT better of a student this semester. I’ve been saying that since Junior year of HS, but this time I’m really gunning down and getting myself organized and such.

Apparently Charlie slept pretty badly last night, so he was really tired and we didn’t get to talk a whole lot today. But that’s ok, I’m really sleepy too, so it’s no big.

Well, like I said, I’m mega tired, and still gotta take me a shower. Wish me luck for tomorrow!


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