Hey all. Very stressful 9/11 for me in a lot of ways. I’m not gonna go into it much, other than to post an article that I’ve written and will hopefully be published on the website that I write for, http://www.generationq.net.

American Apathy Towards 9/11
By Luke Miller

Too often on this, the 5th anniversary of that fateful September 11th of 2001 was I scorned by friends and strangers in my classes for showing emotion in relation to the events that transpired. Yes, remembering the deaths of those 2,749 completely innocent people killed in a savage act of terrorism and murder evokes strong emotions in me. What I can’t understand is why so many people, and especially young people, in our country don’t share those same emotions.

On that beautiful morning, two planes tore into a major center of American commerce in an open act of aggression and war. The tearing metal, shattering glass, crumbling walls, and incendiary jet fuel destroyed the lives of many in the building on impact alone.

The innocent men, women, and children aboard the planes suffered the abject horror of what was about to happen and were also utterly destroyed.

People were incinerated where they stood and dashed to pieces. People actually leapt to their death rather than suffer the horror of the roaring flames.

The structural integrity of the buildings failed and collapsed, killing so many more and trapping others underneath the rubble, waiting for a slow and painful death.

Many of these were courageous policemen and fire fighters rushing to help those that they could. These people were crushed. Pierced. Choked to death on clouds of dust. Had the very life torn from them by those that wish our entire country death. They had their flesh burned from their bones.

A courageous crew on United Airlines flight 93 spent their last minutes of life attempting to prevent further loss of life and destruction.

Why is it that when someone shows reverence for those who have died, many people feel the need to play down what they are feeling? Why are Americans afraid to remember that 2,749 innocent American citizens were ruthlessly slaughtered in cold blood by terrorists? When I told a friend that I had cried when watching the story of two French brothers who were doing a documentary on a local fire station when the attacks occurred, his response was literally “God, people still think that much about it? Why can’t we just move on already?” I’m not talking about the war in Iraq, or about Afghanistan, or the President. I am talking about the murder of thousands of Americans.

We should be rising up as a people, showing solidarity in this time of remembrance and pain. No matter your views on our President, the war we are in, or any other political rhetoric tied to this event, don’t insult the lives of those that died in the fires and destruction of the terrorist attacks by downplaying and saying we should forget.

Why have Americans begun to forget? The terrorists haven’t.

I’m hoping it will be published, but I can’t say for sure. If it is, I’ll let you all know.



Today was a hard day. That’s the best way to describe it. Woke up at Mel’s and got ready, seemingly upbeat and energetic. But once we got to school I got to thinking too much about something that really isn’t an issue and worked it into something that bothered me a lot. Then I got tired, and then my classes were boring. That pretty much made my morning suck, which then translated onto my work day. All I could think about all day was how much I just wanted to curl up and sleep. And how much I wanted to be wrapped up in Charlie’s arms when I did so.

BUT everything pretty much got peachy when Charlie asked if I wanted to come visit him at work after I got off and then hang out afterward. I went over and sat with him as he finished up some various tasks, and then he took me to dinner at Ernesto’s downtown. The food there is great, and they give you a shitload. I have lunch for tomorrow now lol.

I GET PAID ON THURSDAY OR FRIDAY!!!! I’m gonna have more money than I have in MONTHS! Granted, most of it goes straight into bills and paying off credit cards and my computer, but i might ACTUALLY have something leftover for myself for the first time in a long ass time! Ad I can finally take Charlie out to dinner instead of him paying for everything =P

Well, I’m way behind in reading The Odyssey for my Humanities class (which i LOVE) so I need to jump on that. Later!

Hello again. It’s been a few days, sadly. *hits self on head* I told myself I’d keep updating this regularly. Obviously quite an updated layout. I love Michael Buble and I figured it was time for a change.

Well today was just shit basically. I won’t go into details. I had a really frustrating day of broken plans and annoying parents and feeling caged in my house with nothing to do and nowhere to go. All I wanted to do was spend some alone time with Charlie, but I didn’t even get to see him period. Pretty much everything compressed down on top of that made my day hell. But whatever. I ended up coming over to Mel’s tonight to have a Mel-Luke night and it was fun. We had a random trip to Starbucks and danced in the car. Some guy tried to race us lol. We watched She’s The Man and had a blast.

So I’m laying in bed right now, and I cant help thinking about Charlie. Though thats pretty much a given at any point during the day. He starts school tomorrow and I really hope he gets nice and rested so his first day goes splendidly. My only concern with school starting is that our time has another constraint on it. It shouldn’t be TOO bad of a problem, but with my new devotion to actually doing WELL in school this semester and Charlie’s drive to succeed means more time spent on homework. Add that to our present lack of anywhere to spend much personal time together and you get a possible dilemma. But my work schedule is workable and I’m sure it won’t be as bad as I assume. All I know is I love him and would do anything to make everything work out, as I’m sure it will.

Anyway, until I have a chance to post again, see ya!