So you don’t wanna hear about my good day…

September 5, 2006

Today was a hard day. That’s the best way to describe it. Woke up at Mel’s and got ready, seemingly upbeat and energetic. But once we got to school I got to thinking too much about something that really isn’t an issue and worked it into something that bothered me a lot. Then I got tired, and then my classes were boring. That pretty much made my morning suck, which then translated onto my work day. All I could think about all day was how much I just wanted to curl up and sleep. And how much I wanted to be wrapped up in Charlie’s arms when I did so.

BUT everything pretty much got peachy when Charlie asked if I wanted to come visit him at work after I got off and then hang out afterward. I went over and sat with him as he finished up some various tasks, and then he took me to dinner at Ernesto’s downtown. The food there is great, and they give you a shitload. I have lunch for tomorrow now lol.

I GET PAID ON THURSDAY OR FRIDAY!!!! I’m gonna have more money than I have in MONTHS! Granted, most of it goes straight into bills and paying off credit cards and my computer, but i might ACTUALLY have something leftover for myself for the first time in a long ass time! Ad I can finally take Charlie out to dinner instead of him paying for everything =P

Well, I’m way behind in reading The Odyssey for my Humanities class (which i LOVE) so I need to jump on that. Later!


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