Hello all you out there in the blogosphere!

So this weekend was amazing. These last two weeks have been lacking in the Charlie-Luke interaction area, but this weekend more than made up for it. Saturday night he and I went to the Drive-Ins off of Bradshaw and saw Jackass 2 and Employee of the Month (both of which were good). We had our close, private time, but the rest of the time was spend just enjoying the movies together. At one point, during the intermission, we got into a tickle fight (in the back seat of my cramped 2-door Civic, mind you) and he got me laughing so hard that I made his weird laughing noise that I can’t really describe without actually making the noise. We didn’t get to spend the night together like I would have liked, but it didn’t matter in the end. That laughing, giggling ticklefest and the quiet movie time together was exactly what I needed.

Last night we went to Sean’s house for a Halloween party. I wore my Super Emo Kid costume (which turned out awesome!!) and Charlie borrowed his mom’s firefighter officer uniform (and looked fuckin’ HOT in it I might add). It was fun night all around. We all played King’s Cup and got generally all around silly. At the end of the night Charlie and I crawled onto Sean’s couch and were drifting off to sleep, and we just talked for a good half hour. It was perfect.

Our 11 month was on Thursday, and I have never felt closer to him than I do right now. It’s wonderful! Only 28 days til our 1 year anniversary, and I am SOOOO excited! We’re talking about our gift to each other and figuring out what to get. Its indescribable. I can’t wait, end of story.

In other news I was recently promoted to Associate Producer for the United States region at the website I write for, Generation Q. It’s a big responsibility for me and I’m REALLY jazzed about it. We just launched a redesigned site and its amazing. Also, along with that, Mel and I are starting a podcast in conjunction with the site. It’s called Blonde on the Inside, and you all (if anyone even reads this lol) should go check it out when we get it going. We record our first episode tonight, and it’s gonna be a blast!

Anyway, I gotta get my room cleaned up and things ready to go! I’m heading to Mel’s house to record and spend the night!


Long Time No Blog…

October 19, 2006

I’ve neglected my LJ duties… and for that I am truly sorry…

Not really.

SO. Update time. There’s some fun stuff going on lately I guess. My parents got home saturday night after being out of the house for 2 1/2 weeks (and believe me, I wouldn’t mind them going again =P) which was a nice experience with some more independance than I tend to get. But meh.

I was recently promoted to Associate Producer of the US at the queer news site that I write for, Generation Q. It’s hella exciting because I get to work a lot more with the site in addition to writing for it. We’ll see where this takes me, but it looks like a side project htat I’ll be sticking with indefinitely.

Charlie and I are about 1 week (5 days) from our 11 month. I’m still totally head over heels for this boy. We’re both really busy with work and school at the moment, so it’s been a little hard to move time around to see each other, but I’d do anything to make sure that it woks as well as possible. Kinda cool feeling, to feel so strongly about another person.

I went to Club 21 for the first time in a long time last night and saw soooo many people that I knew, some of which I haven’t seen in a long ass time (like Graham!). It was kinda fun, until Mel and I danced for like 20-30 mins finally and then got TIRED. We took off, grabbed food from Hot Rods, and then went home and SLEPT.

Well I’m actually in class at the moment so I should probably take notes.