My first album review has gone up over at Gay Socialites! Here’s a little teaser…

Norah Jones’ newest album “Not Too Late” (released on January 30th, 2007 by Blue Note Records) has definitely been released none too soon, just short of 3 years after the release of her last album, “Feels Like Home.” Her music has always held a special place in my music collection due to her smoky voice and comforting sound, so of course I had to hear the newest release. For the most part, she doesn’t disappoint…
Click Here for the Rest!

Anyway, that’s pretty much all for now. Til’ next time!


A Few Changes

February 3, 2007

Hello all. I don’t know why I say all, there’s no evidence that anyone even reads this, but oh well. If anyone does… HI!

If you’ve seen this blog before now, obviously I changed the style. I like this darker style. Though I wish it were deep cobalt blue rather than orange.

Aside from my blog changing styles, the only other change is that I have been given the opportunity to write my own music column over at Charles Winters’ site Gay Socialites called “Audiogasm with Luke Miller”. It’ll be a fun little side project as I’ll be reviewing new music, interviewing artists both indie and mainstream, and discussing the Billboard Top 10 (either albums or songs) each week and giving my take on the list. So you should go check it out!

Anyway, I’m at my boyfriend’s sister’s house (he’s housesitting and I’m staying the night) and couldn’t sleep. Now I’m tired and I want to go curl up with him.

Good night, and good luck!