Insert Witty Title About How Long It’s Been Since I’ve Posted Here…

March 27, 2007

I REALLY need to devote myself to posting more often. I’ve been thinking about how little I actually post in my personal blog a lot lately, and I realized one reason I haven’t. When I first came over to WordPress, I’ve always wanted to import my old LJ journal (a good year and a half’s worth of my life that I’d like to keep around) but when I tried it was WAY too hard. But maybe I’ll make that my next project. I’m working on getting a copy of a blog-publishing client like MarsEdit or Ecto to make it easier for me to update too, so my laziness is less of an issue =P

Ok, so my life is hectic now. I was recently promoted to the Regional Producer for the US (basically leading the entire US team) over at Generation Q Media, which is a big deal for me. It’s not a paid position, but it’s a position with a lot of decision power and responsibility. I’ve been wondering if this whole journalism thing might be what I want to do eventually, but I think the part I’m most excited about is really the management position, which fits into my plan to major in Business. So oh well. But Generation Q has been taking up a lot of my thought lately and I have some work to do with getting the members of the US team back together into a more cohesive group. And on top of everything our Content Management System (what we use to post articles) went down last night and all our articles since February have been deleted, which means a LOT of catch-up for us. But like I said, it’s a challenge I’m excited for. So you’ll be hearing more about that soon, I’m sure.

My music column over at Gay Socialites is doing pretty well too, but finding the time between homework, social obligations, and my work at Generation Q is a challenge. But I really enjoy reviewing new music each week so it’s worth it. I’m attempting to pin down a constant day that I can write, but with my crazy schedule that can be a challenge.

As for this blog, I’m really going to make it something I use more often. I know basically NO ONE reads it, but having somewhere to gather my thoughts and just post stuff so if anyone is actually interested they can read it is important to me. I’m going to start posting the weird ass dreams I always have too so that mysubconcious may entertain you all.

Blonde on the Inside (my podcast) is doing really well too. I’m excited to record our 11th episode ASAP because I’m rediculously prepared for it. You should all go check it out! It’s quite fun.

Well, I’m currently at work so I should get back to hum-drum data entry. If anyone out there actually reads this, you should let me know! Leave a comment and make me feel validated =P


One Response to “Insert Witty Title About How Long It’s Been Since I’ve Posted Here…”

  1. Andrew said

    Hey Luke!
    I am very proud to have you working with us, I am sure you will be amazing and do great things!


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