Work, work, work…

March 30, 2007

Work = boring. I wish I had a job that I actually had any interest whatsoever in getting it done. But I’m at such a point in this big bureaucratic nightmare that I could sit here and not work for weeks and it really wouldn’t make any difference whatsoever. Kinda makes it hard to buckle down and do anything much at all. But on the bright side it gives me a lot of time to work on Generation Q things.

I have to take my laptop in to get sent into the repair shop today. =( My baby is damaged! One of the internal processor fans decided to spontaneously combust during the week so it makes this horrendous noise and gets really hot. But on the bright side I can see if they’ll repair some of the other little things on it at the same time. Gotta get it in before the warranty is up!

It’s Mel’s birthday today and we’re going to hang out at some point. She’s going up the hill to her parent’s house for dinner and whenever she gets back down here we’re gonna do something. Neither of us know what yet though.

Well I should get back to mindlessly entering data into forms. Wish me luck. I may die of boredom.


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