To change so that nothing never changes.

April 2, 2007

I just sent my mom an e-mail just to say that I love her. Which feels nice. Even though I’m really frustrated with her today. But it’s just her way and I love her, so I deal.

I went out with some friends to Club 21 last night and had a blast. Charlie’s and my friend Anthony who is moving here from New Jersey went with me and we met up with Edward and his co-worker Farren. Anthony had a little to drink so that he would feel better dancing which had some fun results. Since it was Latin night, they were playing a lot of music with salsa and cha-cha beats, and at one point Edward and I started fake salsa-ing. We had no idea what we were doing but we looked damn fantastic doing it. =P Well, I should say he did, but since I was dancing with him I looked good too.

I get to pick my baby up from the doctor’s today (I took my laptop to the Apple store to get repaired on friday). I wasn’t expecting to get it back so soon, but I’m by no means complaining. Apparently I’m weird in that I like to wipe my entire hard drive (after backing up my necessary data) and start with a clean slate every so often. All of my documents and things I need are organized just the way I like them on my backups, so getting rid of all that extra stuff that builds up over time feels good. Unfortunately that means I have to reinstall Boot Camp and Windows XP, which wasn’t a fun process the first time, but shouldn’t be too bad now.

I’m leaving on Friday for Reno with Mel! We’re going to head up to University of Nevada, Reno to visit our friend from HS, Collier. We’re gonna see if we can borrow Charlie’s digital recorder so we can record our podcast on the drive up. Should make for an interesting show.

Well my stomach is GROWLING for food and I’m at work, so I should go appease the grumbles.


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