New Podcast?

April 4, 2007

Hello again. I’m in a bit of a quandry. I’m really thinking about starting a new podcast that would be done by just me (maybe have a guest every so often, maybe not), but have some issues already.

  1. I don’t have anywhere to record. I like to get a bit crazy and recording a show at home (with the parentals around) wouldn’t go over too well.
  2. I dunno if I’ll have enough time, what with Mel and I already doing Blonde on the Inside and workign with Generation Q and having a life and all.
  3. Ideas for a good name and hook are eluding me.
  4. Unless Charles at would be fine with hosting this one as well, I’d have to find and start to pay for hosting, which pretty much kills the idea right there as I’m flat broke.

I’m sure there are more but those are the top 4 right now. The only name ideas I have (as of right now) are

  • A Luke By Any Other Name
  • The _____ with Gary Lovelady

The Gary Lovelady one seems fun because I could make up a persona of Gary, use a fake voice, but still use my own personal commentary while giving it a fun twist by making it Gary. We’ll see how that pans out.

If anyone (which I doubt there’s many at all given the fact I’ve only gotten 2 comments lol) has any ideas, I’m more than welcoming.

Regardless of whether it actually takes off, I’ll probably end up recording a pilot episode anyway to see if it ends up being something that works at all.

Well, back to working and brainstorming. Woo for multitasking!


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