So Intrigued…

May 31, 2007

I just checked out the website for Microsoft Surface, the new technology being developed by Microsoft. I saw a keynote speech tat was given by some Microsoft employee about a month ago on this tech (definitely not a very exciting speaker, unlike those at Apple) and was amazed. Now that I checked out their demos of the possibilities that Surface can offer, I’m totally floored. Go check it out (a link is at the end of the post). This is my favorite aspect of technology, giving this ease of use with all of the gadgets that are developed all the time and making it visually pleasing.

I love the idea of just placing something (a camera, a phone, or even a glass of liquid) onto the Surface and have it recognise it and react. Especially the way they just place a camera on it and the contents are immediately downloaded and scattered. The touch-manipulation of the contents of the screen is very intuitive, the only two things that separate it from actual documents is being able to hold them and to have tactile feedback.

I want one, plain and simple. There should be one of these at every table in every restaurant. This would be awesome for in a kitchen too, such as in a wall or on a refrigerator. You could have family pictures displayed, scan a child’s work and manipulate it all you like, or write messages and notes on it. Even display a recipe full screen and never have to stain a book with ingredients again!

I love me some geekery.

Check Out Microsoft Surface

Added: I keep thinking of new useful applications of this technology. Imagine a typical office worker’s desk. Papers strewn about, constantly in and out of filing cabinets, having to organize them in your work area, and having to use stands and clips to hold them up for viewing while typing. Now imagine a comfortably angled Surface workspace with some sort of keyboard integration, either onscreen or an actual keyboard. You could scan all of your documents in, presumably able to create a multipage item on the screen, and be able to file the unedited originals away until needed. Then, using a word processing addition, you could make edits to the document or have it expanded on screen while you type in another section. Then simply drag the completed document to mail it off to a contact. I love this idea so much. It would be awesome to be a developer working with this. I can’t wait until this kind of tech is mainstream…


Last night was another night of some crazy dreams. The night before they were all pretty bad, usually involving trouble with Charlie of some sort. Pretty stressful basically. Last night they were just odd.

In one, I was at a loft apartment of sorts with a bunch of people having a party. Then the windows all get blown in and a big floating colorful character comes in, saying something corny about the party being over. Apparently it’s a supervillian who has the power to use these tubes to blow out confetti. We all laugh about the confetti until suddenly theres this earsplitting crack and a few people are hurt by a massive amount of confetti hitting them. All of a sudden I realize i have the powers of Raven from the Cartoon Network TV show “Teen Titans.” So I decide I need to save everyone by putting up a barrier around all of us. I was getting hurt by the blasts of paper I was blocking, but I felt a strong sense of needing to save everyone.

In the other, I was entering a deck building competition. Yes. A deck building competition. Literally what it says. The finals of the competition were in L.A. so I had to drive down there. I get about 6 hours into the drive and I realize that I haven’t booked a hotel room, or packed anything I’d need for that matter. I call my friend Ian (who actually lives in Trinidad but lived in L.A. for the purposes of the dream I guess) to see if I might be able to crash at his place, but he’s busy and I can’t. I end up having to drive all the way home to pack my things and figure out somewhere to stay. As I’m someone who can’t stand not having things planned out, this was a pretty stressful dream.

Anyway, that was my night. Now I’m at work, bored as heck and tired to boot. Charlie McHunkyPants (great name, huh?) are going to go across the street to grab something to eat I think. Then I get to run to my old office filled with people who got me transferred to drop some stuff off.

The hits just keep on coming.

So the media review blog “Mediagasm” I’ve been working on is doing a lot better than I ever expected! Yesterday it had 411 hits alone, most of them on my pre-release review of Rihanna’s new album. Makes me feel validated that people are actually reading it. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to make some revenue with it to use to grow the site.

That’s all. Go check it out.

So I just thought of something new that would be exceedingly useful to me, though it is dependant on me getting one of the gadgets previously mentioned…

Digital Voice Recorder for iPod

Having a digital recorder for my (eventual) iPod would be really beneficial in my hobby as a podcaster. The new podcast “Instant Gratification” that I have been trying to get off the ground (and failing, mind you) would finally be possible because I could record while I drive, or really just whenever I have time, then go home and edit it all together. It would also allow us to take “Blonde on the Inside” on location and we could record at different events and fun things we attend (like we will be doing for Sacramento Pride 2007, coming soon!). I could also record lectures daily at school and have the recordings directly on my iPod to listen to the next day at work to both kill time and review my class information.

My boyfriend actually has a pretty good standalone digital recorder that he’s been using for recording class lectures pretty successfully, but using his often (like I’ll be asking to do for Sac Pride) would involve borrowing a relatively small and upwards of $120 piece of electronics, and I’d rather not if I can avoid it. Not to mention a pretty nice recorder by Griffin is available on Amazon for about $30. So ho hum. Just another addition to the list.

Maybe I’ll scrap my current wish list and re-write it. That’s more productive than the mind-numbing data entry I’m doing now anyway. Check out my Wish List (link above) to see the new one!

So the high speed internet modem/router that SBC sent us is officially on the fritz. That means that our house is completely devoid of internet, and that means I can’t check my Myspace, Facebook, of any of the websites for the podcast I listen to (since all of these are blocked at my work) unless I do it at a friend’s house.

Speaking of which, Mel and I are going to go to the mall after I get off work today so that she can get Kira her birthday present. My neice turns 8 on friday! It’s kinda hard to believe. A lot has happened throughout this little girl’s 8 years and I can’t remember what it was like before she came around. Being an uncle is one of the most fulfilling thing’s I’ve ever experienced, and through her I finally realized that I would love to be a daddy one day. But that’s me being mushy because I love that little girl so much. Dunno what I’m getting her yet though. She said she’d love one of those squishy Moshi pillows like I have, so I might stop by Linens and Things and get her a pink or purple Moshi.

I want the settlement from my car accident to come in. I want to be able to make the 3 tech purchases I’m planning (Sidekick 3, external hard drive, iPod) soon, as not having these things is becoming increasingly annoying. But meh, I will survive.

Time to get some work done, I suppose…

It’s quite 1:00 in the morning and I’m still awake. I’m bored as hell, and yet I’m not sleeping for some reason.

I want Charlie to be here really badly. I’ve barely seen him all week, and hanging out today wasn’t enough. The only contact we had was a little hand holding in the car and a quick peck when we were leaving. I need more time with him.

That is all.


May 25, 2007

Listening to this right now. Makes me feel bittersweet at the moment.

“On Top Of The World” – Boys Like Girls

Look up, the stars are fading
And I am still here waiting
To see you again
Be with you my friend

When the moon is gone forever
I hope you’re up there somewhere
I’ll see you again
Be with you my friend

‘Cause all the roads they lead to where you are
And all the streetlights shine like they were stars
That’s where you are

Let’s spend tonight on top of the world
And we can do anything,
We can be anything
I’ll meet you tonight on top of the world
As real as it seems,
You’re only in my dreams

Look out across the water
Faces of lonely daughters and mothers who care
But just can’t be there

Swear that I will see you someday
I have to find a way
To show you I care
Even if you’re not there

So I’m following the road to where you are
(Meet you tonight on top of)
The streetlights they will guide me to the stars
That’s where you are

Let’s spend tonight on top of the world
And we can do anything,
We can be anything
I’ll meet you tonight on top of the world
As real as it seems,
You’re only in my dreams

My heart is empty without you
Sometimes you don’t know what you do
And I need you tonight
I’ll fall asleep and it’s alright
Close my eyes and I’ll be by your side

Let’s spend tonight on top of the world
And we can do anything,
We can be anything
I’ll meet you tonight on top of the world
As real as it seems,
You’re only in my dreams

Let’s spend tonight on top of the world
(On top of the world)
As real as it seems,
You’re only in my dreams

Great CD. Check it out.

Full Tummy…

May 25, 2007

Just got back into work from lunch with my co-worker. We got food from Pita Pit, a great little restaurant near by that you get pitas stuffed with meat and veggies. Basically Subway but with pitas. And actually good food.

Last night was so much fun. I called Mel before I got off work and I went over to her house while she got ready. We drove to the Downtown Plaza to visit Edward at Macy’s and go to the Build-a-Bear Workshop (until I realized after we got there that there is no Build-a-Bear Workshop there…). Edward came with us to walk around the mall a little, and to get my parking validated I got the new Orange Cream Frappucino at the *Bucks, which was basically a delicious creamsicle in a cup. I wanna see if I can try it with raspberry in place of the orange…

After the mall we drove to Paesano’s and had a great dinner and sat outside in the amazing summer night air. It was around 75 and a little breezy, so it was PERFECT. We got dessert at Big Spoon Yogurt down the street and stopped at a little botique to look around. I ended up buying some big sunglasses that I’m not too if I like a lot or not. They were $10 so not exactly a big investment. I’ll either sit on them or lose them in a few weeks anyway. I’ll post a picture when I get back home tonight.

Anyway, we dropped Mel back off at her house and I drove Edward to his mom’s in EDH. It was good to see his mom again, I haven’t seen her since we broke up like 3 years ago. She was really glad to see me too, which was really nice. We chatted for a while and then I took off.

Not too sure what’s going on tonight. I might go to the gym, since I feel like a fatty today, but I want to be able to spend a little time with Charlie. I haven’t seen him much outside of work this whole week and I miss him like the dickens. He’s to amazing of a boyfriend to not see for a week =)


May 24, 2007

There are four gadgets that would make my life SOOOO much easier…

Sidekick 3:

My Samsung t509 is nice, but with all the work I’m doing with Generation Q, Gay Socialites, Blonde on the Inside, and Mediagasm, not having a smartphone is killing me. And I really like the design of the Sidekick, they’re fun and still really useful. I suppose something with an actual word processor on it would be more practical, but for what I need it for a Sidekick would do just fine.

Note: Just learned about the Sidekick ID. Basically a Sidekick 3 with a better looking design but without the camera or bluetooth, and for about $100 less. If only I could get those two things with the new colorful design…

Mobile Internet for my Laptop:

Having a satellite-connected internet setup with my laptop would be nice too, for a lot of the same reasons as having a Sidekick really. Also, while I’m at work I could slack off more by going on Myspace and being able to not be blocked from anything worthwhile. But the service plans are expensive, and I’m broke.


It’s an iPod. Why anyone would not want on is beyond me completely. I could also use it to listen to the music I’m going to be reviewing for Mediagasm while I work out and such. And THEN immediately type up some notes on my Sidekick 3 (that I don’t have…).

Handheld GPS Navigation (for the car):

I used to be a pretty good navigator, but lately (I blame the car accident and head trauma lol) I am TERRIBLE at getting places. I have to look up directions on Mapquest and print them to take them with me, and if the littlest thing is wrong on them (as it usually is), I’m screwed. And if I’m getting the directions from a friend, I have to call them constantly to find my way. Having a Tom Tom or another kind of GPS navigator would save me a lot of time and frustration from not knowing where I’m going.

So there you have it. There’s absolutely no way I can get any of these things, of course, unless someone buys them for me. Once the settlement comes in from my lawsuit (still waiting to hear the response from the other insurance company regarding our initial demand), I might be able to get a new phone and an iPod, but I don’t want to spend too much of the money on gadgets. Most of it (depending on how much I end up with) is paying for college at Sac State, so it’s not pocket money. Whatever is left after college money is going into a high interest bank account to wait and grow.

I’m just killing time. Work ends in 15 minutes and I’m done with all my stuff. No clue what I’m doing after I get off. I called Mel to see if she wants to meet up and work on some ideas I have for Blonde on the Inside, but no dice there. Maybe I’ll visit Edward at Macy’s if he’s working…

So I’m sitting at work, about to start actually working when all the lights go out and my computer shuts down. Break time! Basically I just spent the last 3 hours listening to The String Quartet Tributes to Muse and Senses Fail and playing Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. All the while getting paid for it! Gotta love unavoidable circumstances.

That’s pretty much it.