Can you keep up?

May 11, 2007

So I just got back into work from lunch with my two co-workers. We ate pitas at The Pita Pit. I have to say, I really appreciate when restaurants offer free drinks to students. It’s just a little $1.50 savings that I truly like. So. There’s that. But work in general is boring (as per usual), so I’m taking time away from mundane data entry.

Charlie’s older brother is getting married to a wonderful lady today, which is really exciting. I’m sadly not going to be there, which sucks a lot, but I hope it goes well and everyone has fun. Then tomorrow I get to work on our big ass deck all day, which is technically my Mother’s Day present to my mom. All she wanted was to get the deck done, so something cheap and gets me outside and moving is perfect.

After work I’ll be heading on over to the gym with Lex and Kitty and gettin’ all sweaty. Though this time I’m going to remember to have my inhaler with me, as last night I got through about 15 minutes of cardio with Charlie before I had to either stop or die from oxygen deprivation. But I’m REALLY enjoying it so far. There’s something really satisfying about going to the gym and getting all gross and sweaty, and then being sore the next day. I feel like I’m finally taking steps to become happy with my appearance, which I haven’t been pretty much since I was made aware of it in high school.

Don’t be surprised if I post again before I leave work.

Yes, I’m that bored.


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