May 24, 2007

There are four gadgets that would make my life SOOOO much easier…

Sidekick 3:

My Samsung t509 is nice, but with all the work I’m doing with Generation Q, Gay Socialites, Blonde on the Inside, and Mediagasm, not having a smartphone is killing me. And I really like the design of the Sidekick, they’re fun and still really useful. I suppose something with an actual word processor on it would be more practical, but for what I need it for a Sidekick would do just fine.

Note: Just learned about the Sidekick ID. Basically a Sidekick 3 with a better looking design but without the camera or bluetooth, and for about $100 less. If only I could get those two things with the new colorful design…

Mobile Internet for my Laptop:

Having a satellite-connected internet setup with my laptop would be nice too, for a lot of the same reasons as having a Sidekick really. Also, while I’m at work I could slack off more by going on Myspace and being able to not be blocked from anything worthwhile. But the service plans are expensive, and I’m broke.


It’s an iPod. Why anyone would not want on is beyond me completely. I could also use it to listen to the music I’m going to be reviewing for Mediagasm while I work out and such. And THEN immediately type up some notes on my Sidekick 3 (that I don’t have…).

Handheld GPS Navigation (for the car):

I used to be a pretty good navigator, but lately (I blame the car accident and head trauma lol) I am TERRIBLE at getting places. I have to look up directions on Mapquest and print them to take them with me, and if the littlest thing is wrong on them (as it usually is), I’m screwed. And if I’m getting the directions from a friend, I have to call them constantly to find my way. Having a Tom Tom or another kind of GPS navigator would save me a lot of time and frustration from not knowing where I’m going.

So there you have it. There’s absolutely no way I can get any of these things, of course, unless someone buys them for me. Once the settlement comes in from my lawsuit (still waiting to hear the response from the other insurance company regarding our initial demand), I might be able to get a new phone and an iPod, but I don’t want to spend too much of the money on gadgets. Most of it (depending on how much I end up with) is paying for college at Sac State, so it’s not pocket money. Whatever is left after college money is going into a high interest bank account to wait and grow.

I’m just killing time. Work ends in 15 minutes and I’m done with all my stuff. No clue what I’m doing after I get off. I called Mel to see if she wants to meet up and work on some ideas I have for Blonde on the Inside, but no dice there. Maybe I’ll visit Edward at Macy’s if he’s working…


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