Internet Out, and So is My Entertainment

May 29, 2007

So the high speed internet modem/router that SBC sent us is officially on the fritz. That means that our house is completely devoid of internet, and that means I can’t check my Myspace, Facebook, of any of the websites for the podcast I listen to (since all of these are blocked at my work) unless I do it at a friend’s house.

Speaking of which, Mel and I are going to go to the mall after I get off work today so that she can get Kira her birthday present. My neice turns 8 on friday! It’s kinda hard to believe. A lot has happened throughout this little girl’s 8 years and I can’t remember what it was like before she came around. Being an uncle is one of the most fulfilling thing’s I’ve ever experienced, and through her I finally realized that I would love to be a daddy one day. But that’s me being mushy because I love that little girl so much. Dunno what I’m getting her yet though. She said she’d love one of those squishy Moshi pillows like I have, so I might stop by Linens and Things and get her a pink or purple Moshi.

I want the settlement from my car accident to come in. I want to be able to make the 3 tech purchases I’m planning (Sidekick 3, external hard drive, iPod) soon, as not having these things is becoming increasingly annoying. But meh, I will survive.

Time to get some work done, I suppose…


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