Techno-Deprivation Part Deux

May 29, 2007

So I just thought of something new that would be exceedingly useful to me, though it is dependant on me getting one of the gadgets previously mentioned…

Digital Voice Recorder for iPod

Having a digital recorder for my (eventual) iPod would be really beneficial in my hobby as a podcaster. The new podcast “Instant Gratification” that I have been trying to get off the ground (and failing, mind you) would finally be possible because I could record while I drive, or really just whenever I have time, then go home and edit it all together. It would also allow us to take “Blonde on the Inside” on location and we could record at different events and fun things we attend (like we will be doing for Sacramento Pride 2007, coming soon!). I could also record lectures daily at school and have the recordings directly on my iPod to listen to the next day at work to both kill time and review my class information.

My boyfriend actually has a pretty good standalone digital recorder that he’s been using for recording class lectures pretty successfully, but using his often (like I’ll be asking to do for Sac Pride) would involve borrowing a relatively small and upwards of $120 piece of electronics, and I’d rather not if I can avoid it. Not to mention a pretty nice recorder by Griffin is available on Amazon for about $30. So ho hum. Just another addition to the list.

Maybe I’ll scrap my current wish list and re-write it. That’s more productive than the mind-numbing data entry I’m doing now anyway. Check out my Wish List (link above) to see the new one!


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