Crazy Dreams and Boredom

May 31, 2007

Last night was another night of some crazy dreams. The night before they were all pretty bad, usually involving trouble with Charlie of some sort. Pretty stressful basically. Last night they were just odd.

In one, I was at a loft apartment of sorts with a bunch of people having a party. Then the windows all get blown in and a big floating colorful character comes in, saying something corny about the party being over. Apparently it’s a supervillian who has the power to use these tubes to blow out confetti. We all laugh about the confetti until suddenly theres this earsplitting crack and a few people are hurt by a massive amount of confetti hitting them. All of a sudden I realize i have the powers of Raven from the Cartoon Network TV show “Teen Titans.” So I decide I need to save everyone by putting up a barrier around all of us. I was getting hurt by the blasts of paper I was blocking, but I felt a strong sense of needing to save everyone.

In the other, I was entering a deck building competition. Yes. A deck building competition. Literally what it says. The finals of the competition were in L.A. so I had to drive down there. I get about 6 hours into the drive and I realize that I haven’t booked a hotel room, or packed anything I’d need for that matter. I call my friend Ian (who actually lives in Trinidad but lived in L.A. for the purposes of the dream I guess) to see if I might be able to crash at his place, but he’s busy and I can’t. I end up having to drive all the way home to pack my things and figure out somewhere to stay. As I’m someone who can’t stand not having things planned out, this was a pretty stressful dream.

Anyway, that was my night. Now I’m at work, bored as heck and tired to boot. Charlie McHunkyPants (great name, huh?) are going to go across the street to grab something to eat I think. Then I get to run to my old office filled with people who got me transferred to drop some stuff off.

The hits just keep on coming.


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