So Intrigued…

May 31, 2007

I just checked out the website for Microsoft Surface, the new technology being developed by Microsoft. I saw a keynote speech tat was given by some Microsoft employee about a month ago on this tech (definitely not a very exciting speaker, unlike those at Apple) and was amazed. Now that I checked out their demos of the possibilities that Surface can offer, I’m totally floored. Go check it out (a link is at the end of the post). This is my favorite aspect of technology, giving this ease of use with all of the gadgets that are developed all the time and making it visually pleasing.

I love the idea of just placing something (a camera, a phone, or even a glass of liquid) onto the Surface and have it recognise it and react. Especially the way they just place a camera on it and the contents are immediately downloaded and scattered. The touch-manipulation of the contents of the screen is very intuitive, the only two things that separate it from actual documents is being able to hold them and to have tactile feedback.

I want one, plain and simple. There should be one of these at every table in every restaurant. This would be awesome for in a kitchen too, such as in a wall or on a refrigerator. You could have family pictures displayed, scan a child’s work and manipulate it all you like, or write messages and notes on it. Even display a recipe full screen and never have to stain a book with ingredients again!

I love me some geekery.

Check Out Microsoft Surface

Added: I keep thinking of new useful applications of this technology. Imagine a typical office worker’s desk. Papers strewn about, constantly in and out of filing cabinets, having to organize them in your work area, and having to use stands and clips to hold them up for viewing while typing. Now imagine a comfortably angled Surface workspace with some sort of keyboard integration, either onscreen or an actual keyboard. You could scan all of your documents in, presumably able to create a multipage item on the screen, and be able to file the unedited originals away until needed. Then, using a word processing addition, you could make edits to the document or have it expanded on screen while you type in another section. Then simply drag the completed document to mail it off to a contact. I love this idea so much. It would be awesome to be a developer working with this. I can’t wait until this kind of tech is mainstream…


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