June 8, 2007

So I’ve been doing a lot of pre-work on my new podcast. We have a LOT of ideas that are going to make the show hilarious. For one, I just got us an AIM phone number for use as a loser line and for one of our ideas that will be implemented very soon. If, for any reason, you feel like leaving us a message, please do! The number is (530) 683-1331

I have a second orientation for volunteering at Sacramento Pride. I’m actually pretty excited to work at Pride. I’ll be riding around in a golf cart all day with Edward and we’ll be collecting money from the entrance gates and various booths that are raising money for the Pride organization. Speaking of which, I need to call him and ask if he can come to the orientation tonight. Depending on what’s going on after that he and I might go to his grandparents’ house (hopefully bringing Charlie along) and work on the new podcast, and HOPEFULLY start recording for Episode 1.

Anyhoo, I’m at work and should get entering data.

Change the world! Work for the State!


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