Volunteering at Pride

June 18, 2007

One Insider’s Look at the State of our Community
By Luke Miller

I had never been to a Pride celebration before this Saturday, where I was volunteering throughout the day. This gave me a number of looks at the state of our queer community (and community in general).

I was working at one of the two entry gates into the Pride festival in Sacramento’s Southside Park on Saturday, June 16th. This was Sacramento’s 20th annual Pride celebration, and the turnout was huge. So many people came through that gate that I could barely believe it. There were a lot of families, pairs, and groups of people, which was very nice to see.

Until about an hour into it, anyway.

I was yelled at by two large lesbians, a few transsexuals, given dirty looks and comments by a number of gay men, and was confronted quite angrily by a rather imposing drag queen. Between simple things like not allowing people to bring coolers into the festival (which is pretty much standard procedure at these types of events nowadays), having entertainers and volunteers walk around to another gate, and asking people to see their tickets so I could rip the stub off, I was confronted innumerable times, which I honestly could not understand and did not expect.

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