Phone Decision

July 16, 2007

So after that long and drawn out post about choosing a phone (and wanting the iPhone), I’ve decided to go with the Sidekick 3. I can get most of the features I need and get the Missing Sync solution to be able to use my iCal calendar and Address Book with my phone. This will also allow me to wait for a time to see what the next iteration of iPod will be before getting one. I can wait for the year for my contract to be up before I get anything better.

My settlement should be coming in about a week, so I’ll be back to Sidekicking it up very soon!

I’m debating on whether to get the standard black and silver version or pay another $50 to get the snazzy gold and white D-Wade version. It’s a basketball player-designed phone with a basketball texture back, but I like the coloring a LOT more than the black and silver with black and blue keys of the standard. I’ll make that decision when I get to it I suppose.


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