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July 16, 2007

That title is complete crap, incidentally.

I’m at work (as always) and bored (as always) and figured I’d have a non-tech overdose post. I AM looking for the Missing Sync program for the Hiptop platform, which has been discontinued (which hopefully means it’s free now).

This weekend was AWESOME. I got to spend the evening with Charlie on Saturday since his family was out of town. We watched “Minority Report” and “The Wedding Singer” and just relaxed and laid around. It was one of the most comfortable and relaxing nights I’ve had in a loooooong time. It’s amazing to me how just spending time with Charlie makes me feel, just completely at peace. He’s great =)

Sunday we went to McKinely Park with Lex and friends since we were unable to go to the lake, and I have to say it was a LOT of fun! We laid around on the blankets in the shade of a big ol’ tree and dozed and chatted and threw chips at each other. Nice lazy afternoon. We got frozen yogurt at Big Spoon afterward, which is always delicious.

I get to pick out some new glasses soon, hopefully next week. I’m wearing my glasses for the next few weeks since I need to give my eyes a break from my contacts, and my current frames are getting kinda tired. I’ve changed my style a few times since I got them (minor changes, but changes all the same) so they don’t really fit me anymore. So it’s time to go get some new ones! I was poking around the interwebs today and found a style that interests me, so I’ll toss it up here

I like the detatched sides on these with the thicker ear pieces. Dunno about the light brown on the sides since I wear stark black and white so often, and that might look a little odd. Never had anything Armani, and I bet these cost almost as much as my damn phone…

There was another style that was frameless and the earpieces can come off and be switched out with other colors and styles, which was interesting. With the same frames you can have variability.

Well, I’m gonna get back to data entry. I need to hit Edward up to try to podcast tonight. I really want to get the next episode up since it’s been more than a month. So hopefully keep an ear out!


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