Back in the Driver’s Seat

December 3, 2006

So finally, after a little less than a month, I started driving again officially yesterday. We got a rental car, an ’07 Chevy Cobalt (which I’m in love with now), and so I’m back on the road. Actually I feel back to normal driving again, not a whole lot of leftover nervousness about driving myself. I’m still freaked while riding in a car with someone else, but now that I’ve got wheels of my own (relatively) it’s not as big of a deal.

Charlie and I had our one year anniversary on Sunday, though due to school, my lack of transportation, and family obligations (which sucks). We plan on doing something soon though. We also plan on getting each other a gift that we’ve picked ou, but that will also have to wait (Christmas gifts are more expensive when you grow up and you parents no longer just buy stuff for other people on your behalf).

I went and picked Charlie up from his house today and we went to the Galleria so I could start my Christmas shopping. I haven’t had a lot of chance to see hime recently due to all this accident crap so it was pretty much amazing to see him and spend time with him. Later we met up with Steph and Kacey and went to see the new Van Wilder movie, which was suprisingly good. Then I dropped everyone off and drove on home. I NEED to work out somewhere and some time to spend a good amount of alone time with Charlie. Just to lay around and cuddle up and be close. God knows we need it.

Anyway it’s way late and I need some sleep. Though I’m probably going to end up playing World of Warcraft before I go to sleep. Oh well. Ob la di, and all that.


Car Accident

November 10, 2006

So yesterday I was in a relatively large car accident. Don’t really want to go into too many details, but I’m banged up pretty good. Hard to move round very actively. And typing one handed sucks ass. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Lots to update.

April 24, 2004

Well, not LOTS. Really only two things so far. 1st, I have a boyyyyyyfriend! Hes hot, and awesome, and I looove him! So much that I cant write here, Its indescribable. Ive liked him for soooooo long, and now hes mine! Or Im his. Whichever lol.

And second, I got in a massive car crash Thrusday night. I was driving down Highway 50 towards El Dorado Hills and was coming down the Bass Lake Downgrade when my car drifted to the right slightly and went onto the grooves on the roadside that make ur car hum and wake you up if you’re asleep. Those jerked my car to the right and I overcompensated to the left, my car beginning to slide toward a steep dropoff on the left side of the freeway. I spun my wheel back to the other way and my car spun, and flew into a 12-foot deep ditch trunk first. My car flipped end over end 5 times or so. It landed on its side, driver side down, pointing back up the hill. I had to climb out vertically through my passenger door. It was…. surreal. Im relatively uninjured. My seatbelt bruised my hips, hurt my shoulder, and my face slammed into my steering wheel a few times, but nothing serious. Someone FINALLY stopped and called 911 for me, since everything inside my car was strewn along the ditch i was in. My trunk had been smashed open and everything was everywhere. Well, today we went to the towing yard that they took it to and I got pictures.

[Lost the pictures]

So yeah… scary.

Danny, I loooove you!