June 19, 2005

I just might be getting a hang of this whole updating thing!

Yesterday I went to the mall with Melissa and Jenn and had a blast! “JELLIES!!!” I did some theraputic shopping, got a ring from Pac Sun, 2 pairs of cheap sunglasses, and an outfit all on sale from Express so I can look professional for my interview tomorrow at Mimi’s. Then i worked and it was dumb and my manager is kinda a douche.

Today i went to church with the parents and grandma and then came home and helped start on the staining of the decks. It’s gonna be a long week.

I think i’m over the breakup, or getting there. I’m still kinda wondering if “personal problems” was the real reason, but it doesnt matter. I’m ready to get back into the dating thing, but I know if i TRY, i’ll end up in this situation again, but if i don’t ill get frustrated. I hate sitting around not doing anything. So its a dilemma for now.

Anyway, Josh Groban is making me melty inside at the moment, so I’m gonna jet.


Hello Again, friend!

May 31, 2005

My how long it has been! I notice a pattern of me writing in this for a while then not for a long time then coming back and startign an entry with something like “Wow! It’s been a long time!”

So I’m no longer in High School, which is awesome, though I don’t think it’s hit me yet. Graduation was great, and Grad Night was awesome, even though I got home at 6:30, and had to wake up at 10:30 to make it down to Sac. So after a weekend of parties and family and driving and sleep deprivation, I’m slightly sleepy.

I have a boyfriend! After… what is it… 10 MONTHS. I’ve dated in that time but it never got the title. As of yesterday, I, Luke Miller, am no longer single. And hes intelligent, beautiful, complex, intriguing, talented as all hell, and amazing. Infatuated much…? We’ve hung out lately and I kinda fell hard, and It’s nice to know that it wasn’t futile for once. His singing entrances me every time I hear it. Yep.

I spent $35 on a hat today. I found a pink and grey Von Dutch hat on Amazon and decided to be impulsive and buy it. I also discovered a new band I love on iTunes and downloaded their CD. Everyone go get the CD “Phantoms” by Acceptance, its grand. I also downloaded the Incredibles soundtrack, which is hot.

So I’m rambling now. Nite!


August 15, 2004

Lala la!

Today was really fun, went to wor this morning and had a very tiring morning. But afterwards I came home and showered and changed and left for Sunrise Mall and spend a few hours there with Aaaaadam. It was funny, and apparently my laugh is too loud. Oh well. lol We went to every clothing store lookign for pants for me and FINALLY i bought some at Express, which though its pricey im really happy with the pants. Then Adam had to go to some family thing and made me go to Mimi’s with my family (damn you and your voice of reason!), and then i bought some shoes at Ross. Finally a pair I can wear with shorts, should i choose to wear them.


So yea. Before school tomorrow I gotta get a binder with some paper in it, a pencil, my bag, pick out an outfit, and eventually get to sleep cuz im actually getting excited.

Anyhoo. Gotta talk to Teena to know what time to pick her up. Gotta go.


May 20, 2004

So nothing to update. Schools almost out, I get a yearbook tomorrow. I got new pants (SEXY!!!) and a really cool new shirt. Danny’s and my 1-month was monday, we didnt get to do anything, hopefully this weekend.

Thats about it. Im boring, huh?