La di da!

June 9, 2005

So someone thinks I need to update more apparently, so I’m thinkin I’ll go ahead and do that.

This week’s been pretty good all areound actually. Got to go to Edward’s on sunday and hang out, and his mom let me drive him which I assume is a good sign. She had a talk with me about it though lol. I was intimidated, but it was fine. I enjoy being with him… even if we’re not talkign all the time, its nice to be able to just sit in silence and enjoy each other’s company…

I got my first hat yesterday! I finally decided that I like hats so I bought a Von Dutch hat off of Amazon for hella cheap, and its nice.

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“I really want to hear your voice… I Miss you”
If you read that, that made me smile for like ever…

So I just fucking smashed my foot into the computer table. So I’m taking that as a sign that i need to stop.


Salad deprived

September 8, 2004

Pretty great day today, up until work (of course).

School was easy, suprisingly. Nothing to do in TA, Gov. we watched a film (Walter Kronkite is SOOOO OLD!). In Stats Julie and I like powered through our work super speedy like, and we had a fun time overall. We’ve decided that when it comes to picking out flaws in people we don’t like, we’re going to hell. She and I got our hair cut afterwards at the R.O.P. Cosmetology building, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. They left my sideburns, shortened the sides, and trimmed the top so its all evened but not as short as my barber usually does it. And all that for only $5.25! Gotta love cheap haircuts that turn out awesome.

Work was crap. The new guy has no common sense. He’s a total shoe. And a wheelbarrow. Urgh. And to top off my crap night overall, I made myself a really nice salad with lots of lettuce, onions, a carrot curl, and some hard boiled egg (mmmmm) with the Club’s super awesome Ranch dressing, and when I got downstairs, I dropped it and It splattered all over the carpet. I had to clean it up. Sadly I lost my appetite and feel slightly queasy now. So meh.

Gotta talk to my date to homecoming about a certain guy she knows… Grr. It would be so convenient if he were gay and interested in me. But of course, being my life, It won’t turn out that way. Blah.


August 14, 2004

So I’m incapable of sneaking. I’ll just paste the convo with Chris here.

Nickle4UrDreams: so thats it then
Nickle4UrDreams: its official
Smashpumpkins83: ?
Nickle4UrDreams: lol im officially unable to sneak
Smashpumpkins83: ahh! what happened?
Nickle4UrDreams: lol im sooo clumsy, i was tiptoeing down the stairs, and that bad enough because my bones pop a lot, i get some cheezits, then coming back up, i trip, saving MOST of my crackers, and hitting my head on the banister
Nickle4UrDreams: my mom ran out and started laughing
Smashpumpkins83: lol
Smashpumpkins83: That’s cute though. She wasn’t mad right?
Nickle4UrDreams: lol no
Nickle4UrDreams: she was laughin too hard to be mad


June 10, 2004

Its been like forever since I updated this lil puppy!

Really not much going on in my life. Im still with Danny (Monday will be 2 months!) and I love him bunches. He always manages to make my day a lot better by just hugging me. Or biting me. Or savagely turning me on and then leaving like a lil bitch! Lol but I do it back so that makes it ok.

I got a new car too! I got a 1989 white BMW 525i. Its super sexy! I make people jealous. You know you are, so just admit it. I SAID ADMIT IT DAMMIT! *ahem* Anyhoo, its a good car, and my 6 months are up in 18 days, so Im excited about that. Then I can drive lots of people around and do more stuff! Exciting!

Works good, I worked my lil ass off last week so Im expecting my next paycheck to be bigger. I get payed tomorrow (well its 12:50, so today huh?) but its not gonna be all that much bigger i think. Im gonna use most (well all) of this paycheck to pay for a new car stereo, which I need SOOO badly.

Well, thats it I think. Greg, be happy and dont bug me about updating. I just did. lol


Added 1:00 AM:

Totally forgot, i was at the mall with Brianna and Logan (from Elk Grove) yesterday and we were in Coach House Gifts, and I pushed this windsock thing and my hand like hit a glass gazing ball really hard and it fell off the pedestal it was on and shattered all over the window display. They didn’t make me pay for it, but i felt sooo bad. Not to mention it scared the ever loving CRAP out of me.