So lately I’ve been feeling the distinct urge to blog again. I’ve tried to think of something more interesting to write about than just myself, but to no avail. So I have returned once more to my oft-neglected slice of WordPress, and as the last time I wrote was simply about NINE1SIX Magazine in December of 2007, I feel it’s time for a much needed update.

Charlie and I are still together and going strong, moving quickly toward 2 1/2 years together, which is fantastic. Even with our busy schedules and hectic lives, we are always able to make time for each other (even if it’s not exactly when we want to).

NINE1SIX has been launched for some time, but due to my slammed-full schedule (more on that later), I haven’t been able to work with it as much as I’d like. We have a featured article up about Instant Gratification and some new reviews and such, but without the time to devote to it, most of our new original content is on hold. But Edward and I have some great ideas that we think will start building the magazine’s name recognition around town and on the interwebs.

My school life is pretty much dominating absolutely everything else going on with me. I’m officially at Sacramento State University and already overloaded, but enjoying it. Pledging a fraternity, business classes, band, QSA, and general college social life are pretty much all I do. Fitting in family time and, often more importantly to me, Charlie time is challenging but still (usually) fun. I’ve had to learn new techniques of getting myself organized and making myself do the work I need to do. I have to go in for advising to plan out the rest of my school career ASAP as well, which is a bit daunting.

And, perhaps more exciting than starting at university and moving forward in my life…

I got an iPhone.

Those are pretty much the main changes in my life since December. Not much on paper, but it’s been a bit of a roller coaster so far.

There’s a lot bumbling around in my head right now, and as I’m at work I think I’ll wait til I have some time later to get some of it written down.

Oh, and this blog may be relocating sometime soon to the NINE1SIX servers. Haven’t really decided whether it’s worth it or not, we’ll see.


Well my cohost on the seemingly (but not really!) defunct podcast “Instant Gratification” and I are going to start a Sacramento-centered pop culture magazine called NINE1SIX. It’s going to be pretty fantastic. I don’t really wanna go into all of the details as to what we’re gonna have yet, but you can rest easy that it’ll be pretty awesome.BW NINE1SIX Headshot 1

And in a similar area, NINE1SIX will be hosting Instant Gratification once it’s up and running, and the podcast itself will be getting (another) complete overhaul. This time we think that what we’re changing it to will be both more enjoyable (nay, bearable) to listen to and easier to put together. With a bit of initial work, all we’ll have to do is record some content and then I edit it to become a much more polished 30 minute show. As with the magazine, I’ll leave the details for the re-launch. If you want to check the podcast out, the first 5 episodes are up at it’s blog, but you ought to hurry as those will be taken down and classified “IG Classic” and saved for later. We’ll be restarting the numbering at 1 once the move takes place.

Oh, and for the website, my Creative Director (Edward) and I had a really fantastic photo shoot with his photographer friend. I’ll go ahead and post one of the really good headshots she took, but you’ll have to wait with mounting anticipation for the rest!K, well I’m outta here. My fingers feel like icicles as I’m sitting outside at the True Love Coffee House downtown, and typing is becoming increasingly impossible.It was nice catching up. We should do it again sometime.


December 21, 2007

It’s cold out here.


July 9, 2007

So this weekend is too full for me to take Charlie out. So it’ll be pushed back.Sucky. 

So I’ve spent very little time working online for the last two weeks. I must admit, it’s been kinda nice to take a bit of a break from my online life, but now it’s time to get back into it and pull it all back together. After a camping trip with my boyfriend I checked all my e-mail accounts and had quite a bit of mail. Over the next few days I replied to a bunch of stuff and didn’t check it for a while, but apparently it all got denied somehow. I’m guessing there was an error with my mail program, which sucks, but I just need to tear myself away from WoW at home long enough to get to all of it.

So, in that vein of thinking, I have a number of things to do:

  • Re-check and sift through all my e-mail (probably upwards of 50 new mails at this point)
  • Follow up on the new reporter applications for Generation Q
  • Get my new Audiogasm up (Paramore’s new album ROCKS, by the way)
  • Get a few new articles started for Generation Q
  • Fine some article ideas to distribute to writers

Lots of other stuff to. Add to that detailing my car, going to the gym, dealing with family, and making as much time as possible with Charlie (which has been in short supply lately), and I’m a busy boy.

Speaking of Charlie, I’m trying to take him out on a date this weekend, and I have very few ideas for fun things to do. I have some money finally, but I’d much rather not have to spend a whole lot. But I would spend every cent I have to make him happy.

And now on top of everything else, I have been presented with some opposing opportunities at work and have some decisions to make (as to where I will be transferring to). It’s actually quite stressful at the moment, but I’m hoping that I make the right decision.

Well, time to get back to work. Woo.

Click here and read this blog post about this new weight loss pill. I almost died laughing.

Yes, I know I spelled “declare” wrong. It’s for phonetic emphasis.

So busy weekend. I voulnteered at Sacramento Pride, which was stressful. Read my previous article post for more info (kinda). It’s a long story that I’d rather not go into. Suffice it to say, I really don’t plan on volunteering next year necessarily, though I’m sure I’ll change my mind by that time.

At work, as always. Got in early today finally, gotta keep that up. Really need the hours (and $$$). Sadly Charlie isn’t here and won’t be for the remainder of the summer. He officially started his water truck job with his parents’ company and is making a buttload of money by driving around and spraying water on dirt. I can’t complain, since having a loaded boyfriend has it’s perks. I’m just hoping that him being busy all day and tired afterward won’t cut in too horribly into our personal time, which is limited as it is. We’re hoping to take a trip with some friends to this condo at the coast, not sure where. We’re gonna rent the 3 bedroom house for like 2 nights and stay all weekend, should be a blast.

I’m going to be scheduling a CAT scan of my head sometime this week to have my sinuses checked out. I have a sinus infection that’s been going on for about 2 years now, no medications have worked and I’ve been lax in getting it checked out. It’s caused some pretty awful headaches and is usually pretty annoying, so the next step is to have a CAT scan done and see how extensive and severe the infection / nastiness buildup is. If it’s bad enough they’ll have to go in and cut the crap out and vacuum it out of my sinuses. Which just sounds like a load of fun, no?

Gotta finish the second episode of Instant Gratification. Episode 2.5 is done already, I just have to record the last 2 segments for the main episode. I’m wondering how well the show is going so far, it’s really hard for me to find time / a place to record my separate segments, since I can’t really record easily at home. The show could be great and I think if I had a private place I could go to record when I needed to, it would be a lot better. I have some ideas of some equipment I wanna buy to make it a lot easier too, which I’m sure will be added to my wish list soon. Even when I record with Edward for our “Fireside Chat” and “We Know How It Is” segments, we haven’t had a convenient place to record.

Anyhoo, stuff to work on. I should get back to mundane data entry now, but I very well may post again later.

So the media review blog “Mediagasm” I’ve been working on is doing a lot better than I ever expected! Yesterday it had 411 hits alone, most of them on my pre-release review of Rihanna’s new album. Makes me feel validated that people are actually reading it. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to make some revenue with it to use to grow the site.

That’s all. Go check it out.

So I just thought of something new that would be exceedingly useful to me, though it is dependant on me getting one of the gadgets previously mentioned…

Digital Voice Recorder for iPod

Having a digital recorder for my (eventual) iPod would be really beneficial in my hobby as a podcaster. The new podcast “Instant Gratification” that I have been trying to get off the ground (and failing, mind you) would finally be possible because I could record while I drive, or really just whenever I have time, then go home and edit it all together. It would also allow us to take “Blonde on the Inside” on location and we could record at different events and fun things we attend (like we will be doing for Sacramento Pride 2007, coming soon!). I could also record lectures daily at school and have the recordings directly on my iPod to listen to the next day at work to both kill time and review my class information.

My boyfriend actually has a pretty good standalone digital recorder that he’s been using for recording class lectures pretty successfully, but using his often (like I’ll be asking to do for Sac Pride) would involve borrowing a relatively small and upwards of $120 piece of electronics, and I’d rather not if I can avoid it. Not to mention a pretty nice recorder by Griffin is available on Amazon for about $30. So ho hum. Just another addition to the list.

Maybe I’ll scrap my current wish list and re-write it. That’s more productive than the mind-numbing data entry I’m doing now anyway. Check out my Wish List (link above) to see the new one!

Busy Busy Busyyyyyyyy!

May 23, 2007

Lots of stuff went on this weekend. Charlie turned 21 on Friday, so there was birthday dinner that night. Then Saturday we went to the lake with a bunch of people and went jet skiing, and subsequently got sunburned. And then that night I threw him a surprise party, which went swimmingly. Sunday I spent staining the deck and studying for my Stats final, and then Monday taking my final and finishing the deck. And there it is.

Mel and I got a fairly timely podcast episode up for Blonde on the Inside, which was pretty rockin’. I picked up Edward to record with us, which was a blast. I don’t get to see him too often because every time I’m going to hang out with him something comes up or I already have plans. But we listened to music and drove around and fought over the “Track Change” button, generally having a fun time. The song “White Houses” by Vanessa Carlton came on as I was driving him home after recording, and it’s a song that really reminds me of the summer he and I met and hung out for most of the summer (dated for 3 weeks at one point too lol). It was a fun nostalgic feeling, and we were both just singing along with the song with the windows down. It’s nice to have someone that I dated a long time ago and yet still be such good friends now.

Monday found me doing my final in my voice class too, which I actually surprised myself in. I’ve never really thought I was a great singer, but I sang a Nicaraguan lullaby called “Nino Precioso” and my teacher wasvery complementary. And a professional operatic trainer who has been all around the country saying that you have a great voice and should persue it is a little strange. But he reccomended that I check out some community theatres and go do some auditions and try to get into a show, and I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to. I really want to keep working with my voice, since singing has been one of the most fun musical things I’ve tried so far (next to marching band lol), but I don’t know if I want to go into musical theatre. So I have lots of research to do, might look into private solo lessons at one point, might just work on my own, but I’m definitely planning to stick with it.