November 6, 2004

Its late and I know I haven’t updated in probably a million years but I’m tired.

Today was the last field show of my life probably, and I don’t think the depressingness has caught up to me.

Peter isn’t interested after all and I didn’t even hear this from him. Bitch. Took a month and a half for this to become known and this whole time I’m blindly liking him and asking him out. Balls to that I say. Balls.

Tomorrow I’m going bowling with people, Russel and Mel and Corrynn, possibly Kat? She’ll likely be working though… We’re going to pick up Russ and then go to the mall for a bit then to Glow Bowl at the Folsom Lanes, then after that something else? I dunno yet.

Nothing else.

I need a good long shower. Right now.



July 22, 2004

I wanna get into photography. But I never take any good pictures. I need to go to a park with D and Kat and take pictures.

So… full…

February 2, 2004

Omg Im soooo full! I had the night to myself (my parents were at the hospital with my grandma, she ended up getting the pacemaker… =\) so I was gonna go down to Folsom and meet up with someone, anyone. I called Anthony (=D) but he didn’t know how to get there. I called Kody but he would pick up (you and ur hiar problems *overly dramatic eye roll* =P). So in the end I went up to Subway in Shingle Springs and visited Kat!! I had fun, I got a reeeeally good sub, but it was a footlong. I, like Margaret Cho, will now only get the six-inch, cuz I know I cant handle the foot long! (lol some ppl will know what Im talkin about). Aaaaaanyway, then I came home. And here I am. Bored.