November 6, 2004

Its late and I know I haven’t updated in probably a million years but I’m tired.

Today was the last field show of my life probably, and I don’t think the depressingness has caught up to me.

Peter isn’t interested after all and I didn’t even hear this from him. Bitch. Took a month and a half for this to become known and this whole time I’m blindly liking him and asking him out. Balls to that I say. Balls.

Tomorrow I’m going bowling with people, Russel and Mel and Corrynn, possibly Kat? She’ll likely be working though… We’re going to pick up Russ and then go to the mall for a bit then to Glow Bowl at the Folsom Lanes, then after that something else? I dunno yet.

Nothing else.

I need a good long shower. Right now.


First Day Back

August 16, 2004

Woot. First day back to school. Could’ve been worse, but could’ve been better too. I wore this really… interesting shirt, and apparently people thought I thought it was like super stylish. They didn’t understand that I wore it to make a statement on the first day. Come on people.

My teachers are ok. Mrs. Carr reminds me of a cross between the mom from Bobby’s World and Ellen DeGeneres. And I’ve had the rest of my teachers before. I waited for an hour in fron of the counsling office this morning to “See Counslor” about my 1st period, and they kept saying that we should wait and they’d get to us. Nope. 5 minute before the 2nd period bell rang they were like “Umm sorry we’re not gonna be able to get to you guys today, sorry!” So pissed…

Tomorrow is gonna be odd. We march, so I gotta take a pair of shorts and a T-shirt to change into. Maybe I’ll make a sleeveless T so I can work on killing my farmer’s tan while we are tortured. My legs are rather gross on top of that… Should probably shave. But my razor is dulllll. Ouch.

So I’m rambling now so Ill kill it while its down. Or something like that.