Long Time No Blog…

October 19, 2006

I’ve neglected my LJ duties… and for that I am truly sorry…

Not really.

SO. Update time. There’s some fun stuff going on lately I guess. My parents got home saturday night after being out of the house for 2 1/2 weeks (and believe me, I wouldn’t mind them going again =P) which was a nice experience with some more independance than I tend to get. But meh.

I was recently promoted to Associate Producer of the US at the queer news site that I write for, Generation Q. It’s hella exciting because I get to work a lot more with the site in addition to writing for it. We’ll see where this takes me, but it looks like a side project htat I’ll be sticking with indefinitely.

Charlie and I are about 1 week (5 days) from our 11 month. I’m still totally head over heels for this boy. We’re both really busy with work and school at the moment, so it’s been a little hard to move time around to see each other, but I’d do anything to make sure that it woks as well as possible. Kinda cool feeling, to feel so strongly about another person.

I went to Club 21 for the first time in a long time last night and saw soooo many people that I knew, some of which I haven’t seen in a long ass time (like Graham!). It was kinda fun, until Mel and I danced for like 20-30 mins finally and then got TIRED. We took off, grabbed food from Hot Rods, and then went home and SLEPT.

Well I’m actually in class at the moment so I should probably take notes.


Happy fucking Valentine’s Day everyone.

[Picture lost] 

Isn’t that just adorable? =P

Anyway, today was meh.
I basically sat on the computer all day.
Not ON it of course.
But in front of it.

Roxie is sooooo close to being ready.
I salivate for the moment I get behind her wheel.
And then I get to clean her.
Shes a dirty girl.

I almost had a date-ish thing for today, though that didn’t work.
Parents and their not letting me go out.
They killed each and every plan that I attempted to make today.
Mall with Danny?
Out with “tree”?

I apparently had some kind of gift coming that wasn’t a flower had I been able to go out.
Even though gifts aren’t a big deal to me…
It still made me smile.
*Shakes fist at Tree for being able to keep secrets better than me*

*rocks out to a megamix of Britney*

Roll on, roll off!

November 7, 2004

Hola all. Poo day kinda. I woke up and got ready for work, and i had a flat tire. So my aunt had to drive me to work as my dad used my mom’s car or something. Whatever. Work was balls. Got home, did my homework, then got bitched at by my dad for “not”.

Then went back to work at 5. Got out at 7. Wanted to go to Kohl’s to get this really cute shirt i saw in the paper that was on sale, but no, its sunday so they closed at like 6. Balls. Again.

Boys suck. Peter is poo. And emotions are confusing and annoying. I always like people I shouldn’t and the ones I should I don’t. I’m a dumb boy.

So here I am.

And I’m out.


June 18, 2004

Im nervous about tomorrow. I am gonna tell my parents about me and Danny, though they may already know. Hes turning 18 on monday, and Id rather tell them we’re dating before then so they’ll know. Im sure theyll be sensible in the end, but I’m still so nervous about talking to them about anything pertaining to me being gay and active in the gay community. Grawr. Maybe this will be the thing to show them that im serious about who i am and that they really cant change me. I love danny so much, ive never felt anyhting like this about anyone before. When we’re cuddling, its just like, how could something so right be considered wrong? It just… fits. Ugh. I need sleep if Im gonna do this.

Friday will never come!!

February 24, 2004

Meh not much. Goin to L.A. this weekend for a peer counsling coference adn a 12 hour visit to Disneyland! Friday is YEARS away. Cant Wait.

Not much else. My rents are telling me i have to see “The Passions of Christ.” Im sick of them forcing this on me. If they want me to do what they want, wouldnt it be wiser to not guilt trip me into things? Then I might not be so against them. WOW! WHAT A SUPRISE!

Bored and sad…

February 15, 2004

Today was kinda crappy. Mel and I were gonna hang out, then go see a movie with Anthony, but he didnt wanna go so we tried to make other plans. When I was waiting for Mel to call me back, my grades came in the mail and my mom got mad (a 2.43 GPA which WILL come up). Well the conversation somehow flipped to my being gay and i ended up spilling all my feelings about their unacceptance and me sobbing on her shoulder. It was actually quite relieving, i havent actually cried like that for years.

Well I ended up not going out, since im re-grounded and all. We had steak and au gratin potatoes for dinenr and everythign was normal, if a lil more tense. We rented Legally Blonde 2 and my rents actually kinda laughed at the gay dog parts. I was suprised. Mebbe things are changing for the better…

Neway, valentines day sucks, just reminds those of us who are currently alone of that fact.


January 23, 2004

ARGHH! I brought home a grade check for Math today, I have a nice solid B now, but noooooooooooo my parents still have me on fuckin restriction!! IM SO PISSED OFF!