November 6, 2004

Its late and I know I haven’t updated in probably a million years but I’m tired.

Today was the last field show of my life probably, and I don’t think the depressingness has caught up to me.

Peter isn’t interested after all and I didn’t even hear this from him. Bitch. Took a month and a half for this to become known and this whole time I’m blindly liking him and asking him out. Balls to that I say. Balls.

Tomorrow I’m going bowling with people, Russel and Mel and Corrynn, possibly Kat? She’ll likely be working though… We’re going to pick up Russ and then go to the mall for a bit then to Glow Bowl at the Folsom Lanes, then after that something else? I dunno yet.

Nothing else.

I need a good long shower. Right now.



January 6, 2004

I dont really feel like writing in this right now but Im bored so I will. Not TOO much goin on. Well actually, I have liek a massive update to take care of considering my last post was before christmas. I wont go that far back in detail tho.

Umm well since then I got my driver’s licence!!! Woo I’m mobile again baby! School’s back and goin pretty good. Im keepin up with all my stuff pretty well so far, tho I lost my math book! =X Yes, Erin, I had it that one day lol But I cant find it now. Urg. So ya. But besides that I got all my homework done that was given to me today, even tho most of it wasnt due for a few days.

In other news, Russ and I are on a break. I suggested we move back to “just friends” before we move any farther as to get to know each otehr in a more casual setting rather than the intimate setting. We moved really quickly into the relationship, leading to trust issues. So now we can actually get to know each other and decide if we’re compatible enough for a relationship, or if we should just stay good friends.

Blah. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I cant think of anything else and Im tired so bye.

*~* Whee! *~*

December 22, 2003

Wow its been like a week since i last updated! Erin must be gettin pretty bored of that last post… 😛

Ya finals went ok. I really hope I did ok. I mean REALLY. Im nervous about it. But theres nothing I can do but enjoy my vacation and wait for my grades to come in. Blah. I got to hang with my boy twice in a row this weekend! Friday Russ, Danny, Chris, Leif, and I went to the Galleria to get all our christmas shopping done (i didnt, STILL gotta get my bro something!!) and ya it was ok. The next night I went to Danny’s house to hang with Chris and Russ and Danny, it was really fun. Russ and I had lotsa fun (wont go into detail! :-P). I just love spending time with him, not necessarily the “fun” *ahem* (tho thats greatness lol) but moreso just the cuddling time with him, getting to sit and chat and feel like im getting to know him better. I really feel like this relationship could last, and I want it to. He’s such a great guy. Yeah…

Aaaaaanyway I gotta get to bed. Nite!


December 16, 2003

Poop. Russ’ concert for orchestra was tonight and I didn’t get to go. No one wanted to drive me (understandable, Cordova isnt close) plus I had uber studying to do for my english and chem finals tomorrow. Im just sad that I didnt get to see him play. Oh well, theres always Spring Concert!

Finals start tomorrow. *DRAMATIC FANFARE!* DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN! Meh English might be challenging but Chem should be a breeze for me. Im gonna be totally ready with my Inflatable Pen, gel pens (for notes afterward of course!), a pencil, and my CD player! Oh yea, gotta have teh tunes! I get to sleep in tomorrow for a little too since I dont Have to go to 1st period. Its niiiiice! I read all the SparkNotes on Huck Finn so Im prepped for English and I made my 3X5 card and read thru my notebook for chem. Woo hoo!

Meh. I miss my Russ! I wish we could see each other more, but its understandable considering he doesnt exactly live within walking distance. Luckily I go to take my test for my Drivers Licence on the 30th, provided my grades are good enough. *crosses fingers* Only thing standing in my way is my D in math, and it should totally be a C or a B after I do well on the math final *re-crosses fingers*. I go for my last hour of driving school tomorrow where they take you through the test course and basically do the test, grading and everything. Im kinda nervous, but It’d be nice if they let me drive my car, considering thats what im driving for the actual test. The car they use at my driving school is MEH, the acceleration is like you have to press the pedal halfway down to make it go anything resebling a decent speed, but anything past that its like VROOOOM!! Almost made me crash the first lesson. =/

Oh well, my hands feel like theyre gonna fall off! Tootles!

Wow, uber depressing last line from a poem with no title and an unknown author from the most godly book in existence. “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” Was seriously one of the BEST books I have ever read. Hands down. I suggest anyone who reads this entry go out and either check out a copy from teh library or buy one. Its that good. Made me almost feel infinite! hehe anyone whos read the book, you’ll understand.

So ya Im actually updating it under threats from Erin. I LOVE YOU TOO! 😛 Yup, not a whole lot goin on in my life. Not likin how little I see my boy. We went to a GSA mixer on saturday, it wasnt the most exciting party ever, but he won this back massage thing that he was using on me. More of a prize for me than him lol. But ya, we got to sit and cuddle during all of X2 (the movie we watched at the party). lol When we thought I had to go we ended up hella makingo ut on the couch for like 10 mins, and then wow! I didnt have to go after all! lol

Made a gingerbread house. I actually didnt end up looking like I attacked myself with the icing this year! And my neice didnt look like she stuck her face into the bowl of icing! 😛 The house ended up being really cute, It even has this little fence and a little dog house with it.

AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, finals start wednesday. :-\ I gotta start studying.

Oooo Cheeky Cheeky!

December 5, 2003

Tra la la! Jsut got in from work. It was fun, had a long convo about Queer Eye with some of the girls there. Sunno if anyone suspects yet. I would be suprised considering one of the girls and I were talking about perfumes and colognes. 😛

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I see Russ! Tomorrow! Its only 12 hours away! Jana is picking me up at like 10 am and we’re heading down to Arden Mall to get some Christmas shopping done. Chriss and *~* Russ *~* are meeting us there and we’re gonna hang out. Im excited, I get to see my boi tomorrow! I gotta look spiffy-tacular for him, I hope my jeans are clean…

Well, I have yet to see Pirates of the Carribbean so im gonna go view Orlando Bloom in all of his pirate makeup!

Tra la laaa!

December 3, 2003

Woo, work was slooooooow! Almost a full waitstaff and we had like 29 ppl come in (a normal night we have 100 or more). Kinda slow and boring at times, but was kinda fun.

Yup. Not too much goin in up in hea. Hopefully going christmas shopping with Jana Bannana on saturday, hopefully meeting Russ at the mall. 😀

So ya. Tahts about it. Yup. Uh huh!

Blah. I just got home from work. We had a silly candlelight dinner thing and we were constantly going, cept for our nice like 20 minute break. Some ppl were playing with a wheelchair, lol it was funny. Yay! I also get to wear a red bow tie now! Lol as if Black werent bad enough! 😛

Yay for me! Russel sent me a couple pictures in my e-mail. He is oh so cute! I feel soooo lucky to have him. Now if only I could get time to see him more often! 😛 Hmm well ya. I bought my LiveJournal account today, so yup! So much is different! lol. I might make my own style, then embed it into a webpage. I dunno tho. We’ll see.

Anyway, this is all the time i have patience to keep away from my boy. 😛

I feel like im riding a roller coaster, my insides are all squishy in that awesomely pleasent feeling. I cant stop playing with the bracelet Russ gave to me. Tonight was the BEST night like ever! Me, Russ, Danny, Chris, Kat, and Caitlin (new girl that is soooo gonna date Kat!) went to the Sunrise Drive-Ins and saw 2 movies! Well, I ended up only seeing one… =D

For the first one (Cat in the Hat), Russ and I were cuddling in the back of Danny’s suburban talking with Kat. Then, we switched into the back of Chris’ small car and ooomg that was the best time i’ve ever had kissing/cuddling with someone! Russ is such a good kisser, omg, and hes the first person to ever suck on my earlobe, it sent shivers down my spine! Ya… Apaprently i do this thing with his lower lip when I like nibble on it just so, and he wants to learn how to do it. Yay! Im apparently a good kisser too!

Its gonna be like a week til I can see him again cuz of work… I might not even get to see hm this weekend! Makes me sad. *tear* Well, we’ll just have to make the next time we see each other count, then.

Sigh… Russel is miiiiiiiiine!

=D =D =D


November 29, 2003

Im haaaaaaappy!

I went out with Jana today to meet her boyfriend Reno, met Danny, Chris, *Russel*, and 2 of Chris’ friends at the theatre. Jana, Reno, Russ and I saw Timeline (it was ok). Well afterward Danny Russ and I went down to the downtown plaza to see some tree-lighting thing which didnt happen and was a letdown cuz we didnt get to pick up Kat and i really wanted to see her. I got my mom her b-day present tho. Well in hte car, Russ and I kissed! =D Well then we went to Lambda, open mic night, Madeline is AWESOME! Danny hit me and Russ turned around and was like “Hey, dont hit my boif…” and he got all embarassed (how cute!). Well when i got home i asked Russ if he wanted to finish the word (I kept calling him my boif all night) and he said ya so im sooooo not single anymore! I really like him a lot, hes such an awesome guy. He’s cute, funny, did i mention cute? =D so ya. Hes mine boys, back off! lol