*sigh* Lovely

September 14, 2004

Lovely. Just lovely.

My day today was lovely. It started out triple merde and a half, as I woke up like 45 minutes late and was super late. But Teena and I suprisingly got to school on time. Well the rest of my day was rather Meh.

But then 6th period ended and “Baub” gave me a note saying that hes flattered that I think hes SUPER cute (which he is) and would def like to get to know me better. I was smiling for a while. A long while. =D

Not much else.



Nature HATES me!

August 18, 2004

So yea mother nature wants me to die. I came out to my car after school and stupid me, I apparently parked where fuckin BIG BIRD takes a dump every day, i have bird crap all down the passenger window and door of my car. Seriously. Teena didnt want to open the door cuz its all over the handle. Its gross.

And to add injury and insult to bird shit, when we were stuck in traffic, something flies in my window and i feel somehting on my forehead, so i start freaking out and slapping at it, and it was a god damn bee. I didn’t slap it away before it stung me right in the middle of my forehead unfortunately. I then proceeded to beat it with Teena’s purse (which she didnt like lol). I made this “Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” whining noise for like a full minute before teena started laughing at me. It fuckin hurt!! I raged about nature the whole way home. I had the RIGHT to be a diva about it.

Enjoy this.


First best friend: Dylan Hayward
First car: ’89 Toyota Cressida (Grandma car)
First date: Hmm. I think it was with Stephanie at some point.
First real kiss: Stephanie lol
First breakup: The breakup with Steph was messy
First screen name: BadJuju2000
First self purchased album: The Power Ranger’s Movie soundtrack
First funeral: My grandpa
First pets: Dog, golden retriever named Lady
First true love: I’ve loved many people, never returned so it hasn’t been true i guess
First enemy: Craig West (called me Lugen Logs in kindergarten)
First musician you remember hearing in your house: some country singer, possibly Garth Brooks


Last cigarette: Been clean almost 17 years (in other words never lol)
Last car ride: Home from school
Last kiss: like… real kiss? a few weeks ago
Last good cry: probably last January
Last library book checked out: the book for the broadway musical “Rent”
Last movie seen: Head over Heels
Last beverage drank: an Izze soda from *Bucks (grapefruit)
Last food consumed: rice
Last crush: Im kinda in one
Last phone call: yesterday
Last time showered: This morning
Last shoes worn: My super cool Sketchers
Last cd played: the “Camp” Soundtrack
Last item bought: flat of 15 bottles of water and pringles (for Teena’s lil sis)
Last annoyance: My English class and the stupid people therein
Last disappointment: Didnt get Digital Imaging officially today
Last time wanting to die: Never?
Last shirt worn: My super snazzy Express vert stripe button up!
Last website visited: Downelink
Last word you said: Ha
Last song you sang: “The Ladies Who Lunch” from the Camp sountrack while doing my homework (I danced for a bit too lol)
What is in your cd player?: The Camp Sountrack, “Give Up” – The Postal Service, and “Garage Echoes” – Brenda Malvini
What color socks are you wearing: Im only wearing one (dont ask) and its white
What color of underwear are you wearing?: its red and white plaid lol
What time did you wake up today?: 5:30 AM


Where do you want to go?: Europe
What is your career going to be?: Teaching or some form of Psychology
Where are you going to live?: Either London or somewhere in CA
How many kids do you want?: Dunno yet
What kind of car: Either an MG or a Mini Cooper


Current mood: Relaxed
Current music: Bjork, “Pluto”
Current taste: Aftertaste of Nerds
Current hair: Short and brown
Current clothes: My Express shirt and the Express pants that make my legs look hot and accentuate my ass
Current longing: A snog and a cuddle
Current desktop picture: Cool blue starry design
Current favorite artist: The Rocket summer, Postal Service
Current book: “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” – Stephen Chobsky (for the 5th time)
Current color of toenails: natural
Current time wasting wish: I don’t get it.
Current hate: Stupid People

My name is: Luke
I may seem: carefree
But Im really: shy and self concious
Sometimes I feel: distressed
In the morning I: try not to go back to sleep
Money is: relaly useful, but not everything
One thing I wish I had is: more money. or a boyfriend.
One thing I have that I wish I didn’t is: a tummy
All I need is: Love, enough money to be comfy, and friends
Love is: not oxygen, everyone in the world would have suffocated by now…
If an angel flew into my window at night I would: Be creeped out but conversational
If a demon crashed into my window I would: Be creeped out and conversational
If I could see one person right now it would be: someone in a dream (i need sleep in other words lol)
Something I want but I don’t really need is: a new car stereo
Something I need but I don’t really want is: a front end alignment on my car
I live for: love
I am afraid of: Rejection, falling into the ocean, spiders, the dark
It makes me angry when: People are pointlessly mean

Saturday is gonna be funnnnnnn! I hope at least. Im gonna go eat with Chris tomorrow, havent seen him since we flew kites! So thats exciting.2 Hours of marching band tomorrow… *dies*


August 15, 2004

Lala la!

Today was really fun, went to wor this morning and had a very tiring morning. But afterwards I came home and showered and changed and left for Sunrise Mall and spend a few hours there with Aaaaadam. It was funny, and apparently my laugh is too loud. Oh well. lol We went to every clothing store lookign for pants for me and FINALLY i bought some at Express, which though its pricey im really happy with the pants. Then Adam had to go to some family thing and made me go to Mimi’s with my family (damn you and your voice of reason!), and then i bought some shoes at Ross. Finally a pair I can wear with shorts, should i choose to wear them.


So yea. Before school tomorrow I gotta get a binder with some paper in it, a pencil, my bag, pick out an outfit, and eventually get to sleep cuz im actually getting excited.

Anyhoo. Gotta talk to Teena to know what time to pick her up. Gotta go.

School Schedule

August 13, 2004

Hey guys, went with Teena to school this morning and we picked up our schedules. No suprises.

Period 1: Possibly Digital Imaging (need to talk to the teacher)
Period 2: Gov and Econ (Carr)
Period 3: Adv. Peer Counseling (Luna)
Period 4: Prob & Stats (White)
Period 5: Band (Fulmer, duh)
Period 6: Eng 4: British Lit (Kashing)
No period 7

Pretty excited. Got to see everyone this morning which was fun. Senior year is 3 days away, and I still don’t feel like one.


August 10, 2004

I ACTUALLY feel like making some kind of substantial update this time. Might be the song im listening to making me feel slightly emotional (“When You Told me you Loved Me” by Jessica Simpson) or whatever, dunno. Maybe I just feel like writing. Whateva.

My hair looks hot tonight. I’ll put up a pic.

[Lost the picture]

Oh yeah. Sexay.

Anyhoo, today I went roller blading with Teena, Brandon, Krista, Nicole, and Mike. It was really fun, and I might actually be starting to get a hang of this whole “balance” thing that I keep hearing about. I requested the song “Heaven” by DJ Sammy and dedicated it “To Teena, From Luke (Your lover boy)” which was fun because they turned off the lights and turned on the disco lights and played it loud. Fun day all around. We went to Coldstone afterward and ate ice cream.

Life has been odd lately. Been meeting some new people, one of which is sarcasticme (on LJ) who’s just the shit, lol. He’s awesomeness incarnate (and dead sexay no matter what he says! ow ow!) so everyone read his LJ. TJ and I are officially broken up. The whole 9 hours away thing wasn’t workin for me. I need someone that I know I can see more than once in a 5 month period. I’m feeling okay about it because it’s what needed to happen. We’ll see what happens when he gets back.

Feelin’ blah as usual at night time. Talking to Adam, which makes me feel a lil better because he’s really fun to talk to. Dunno what else I feel like typing.

I wanna write something deep and profound but my mind isn’t working that way.

Good night all.