No, I’m not Dead!

September 14, 2007

I just realized that the last time I wrote a blog was in July… like 2 months ago… Whoops!

Lots has happened since then. I got my Sidekick III (thank god), Instant Gratification is mostly back up on it’s feet, I had a birthday, and I’m back in school for the semester.

My digital life has pretty much died for the last few weeks. I’m all over the place with school, work, QSA, and friends/family/boyfriend, and I haven’t had much chance to get anything done at all.

Sooooo I started this post with a lot of drive to write a lot, but that has just deserted me =P

Keep an eye on the Instant Gratification page for a new post tonight/tomorrow! We’re recording Episode #5 tonight and it should be edited/posted ASAP.


So I’ve spent very little time working online for the last two weeks. I must admit, it’s been kinda nice to take a bit of a break from my online life, but now it’s time to get back into it and pull it all back together. After a camping trip with my boyfriend I checked all my e-mail accounts and had quite a bit of mail. Over the next few days I replied to a bunch of stuff and didn’t check it for a while, but apparently it all got denied somehow. I’m guessing there was an error with my mail program, which sucks, but I just need to tear myself away from WoW at home long enough to get to all of it.

So, in that vein of thinking, I have a number of things to do:

  • Re-check and sift through all my e-mail (probably upwards of 50 new mails at this point)
  • Follow up on the new reporter applications for Generation Q
  • Get my new Audiogasm up (Paramore’s new album ROCKS, by the way)
  • Get a few new articles started for Generation Q
  • Fine some article ideas to distribute to writers

Lots of other stuff to. Add to that detailing my car, going to the gym, dealing with family, and making as much time as possible with Charlie (which has been in short supply lately), and I’m a busy boy.

Speaking of Charlie, I’m trying to take him out on a date this weekend, and I have very few ideas for fun things to do. I have some money finally, but I’d much rather not have to spend a whole lot. But I would spend every cent I have to make him happy.

And now on top of everything else, I have been presented with some opposing opportunities at work and have some decisions to make (as to where I will be transferring to). It’s actually quite stressful at the moment, but I’m hoping that I make the right decision.

Well, time to get back to work. Woo.

I’m bored at work. I literally have no work to do at the moment. Read on for the log series of quizzes I am occupying myself with…

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June 8, 2007

So I’ve been doing a lot of pre-work on my new podcast. We have a LOT of ideas that are going to make the show hilarious. For one, I just got us an AIM phone number for use as a loser line and for one of our ideas that will be implemented very soon. If, for any reason, you feel like leaving us a message, please do! The number is (530) 683-1331

I have a second orientation for volunteering at Sacramento Pride. I’m actually pretty excited to work at Pride. I’ll be riding around in a golf cart all day with Edward and we’ll be collecting money from the entrance gates and various booths that are raising money for the Pride organization. Speaking of which, I need to call him and ask if he can come to the orientation tonight. Depending on what’s going on after that he and I might go to his grandparents’ house (hopefully bringing Charlie along) and work on the new podcast, and HOPEFULLY start recording for Episode 1.

Anyhoo, I’m at work and should get entering data.

Change the world! Work for the State!

Last night was another night of some crazy dreams. The night before they were all pretty bad, usually involving trouble with Charlie of some sort. Pretty stressful basically. Last night they were just odd.

In one, I was at a loft apartment of sorts with a bunch of people having a party. Then the windows all get blown in and a big floating colorful character comes in, saying something corny about the party being over. Apparently it’s a supervillian who has the power to use these tubes to blow out confetti. We all laugh about the confetti until suddenly theres this earsplitting crack and a few people are hurt by a massive amount of confetti hitting them. All of a sudden I realize i have the powers of Raven from the Cartoon Network TV show “Teen Titans.” So I decide I need to save everyone by putting up a barrier around all of us. I was getting hurt by the blasts of paper I was blocking, but I felt a strong sense of needing to save everyone.

In the other, I was entering a deck building competition. Yes. A deck building competition. Literally what it says. The finals of the competition were in L.A. so I had to drive down there. I get about 6 hours into the drive and I realize that I haven’t booked a hotel room, or packed anything I’d need for that matter. I call my friend Ian (who actually lives in Trinidad but lived in L.A. for the purposes of the dream I guess) to see if I might be able to crash at his place, but he’s busy and I can’t. I end up having to drive all the way home to pack my things and figure out somewhere to stay. As I’m someone who can’t stand not having things planned out, this was a pretty stressful dream.

Anyway, that was my night. Now I’m at work, bored as heck and tired to boot. Charlie McHunkyPants (great name, huh?) are going to go across the street to grab something to eat I think. Then I get to run to my old office filled with people who got me transferred to drop some stuff off.

The hits just keep on coming.

So I’m sitting at work, about to start actually working when all the lights go out and my computer shuts down. Break time! Basically I just spent the last 3 hours listening to The String Quartet Tributes to Muse and Senses Fail and playing Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. All the while getting paid for it! Gotta love unavoidable circumstances.

That’s pretty much it.

Can you keep up?

May 11, 2007

So I just got back into work from lunch with my two co-workers. We ate pitas at The Pita Pit. I have to say, I really appreciate when restaurants offer free drinks to students. It’s just a little $1.50 savings that I truly like. So. There’s that. But work in general is boring (as per usual), so I’m taking time away from mundane data entry.

Charlie’s older brother is getting married to a wonderful lady today, which is really exciting. I’m sadly not going to be there, which sucks a lot, but I hope it goes well and everyone has fun. Then tomorrow I get to work on our big ass deck all day, which is technically my Mother’s Day present to my mom. All she wanted was to get the deck done, so something cheap and gets me outside and moving is perfect.

After work I’ll be heading on over to the gym with Lex and Kitty and gettin’ all sweaty. Though this time I’m going to remember to have my inhaler with me, as last night I got through about 15 minutes of cardio with Charlie before I had to either stop or die from oxygen deprivation. But I’m REALLY enjoying it so far. There’s something really satisfying about going to the gym and getting all gross and sweaty, and then being sore the next day. I feel like I’m finally taking steps to become happy with my appearance, which I haven’t been pretty much since I was made aware of it in high school.

Don’t be surprised if I post again before I leave work.

Yes, I’m that bored.

Work, work, work…

March 30, 2007

Work = boring. I wish I had a job that I actually had any interest whatsoever in getting it done. But I’m at such a point in this big bureaucratic nightmare that I could sit here and not work for weeks and it really wouldn’t make any difference whatsoever. Kinda makes it hard to buckle down and do anything much at all. But on the bright side it gives me a lot of time to work on Generation Q things.

I have to take my laptop in to get sent into the repair shop today. =( My baby is damaged! One of the internal processor fans decided to spontaneously combust during the week so it makes this horrendous noise and gets really hot. But on the bright side I can see if they’ll repair some of the other little things on it at the same time. Gotta get it in before the warranty is up!

It’s Mel’s birthday today and we’re going to hang out at some point. She’s going up the hill to her parent’s house for dinner and whenever she gets back down here we’re gonna do something. Neither of us know what yet though.

Well I should get back to mindlessly entering data into forms. Wish me luck. I may die of boredom.

I REALLY need to devote myself to posting more often. I’ve been thinking about how little I actually post in my personal blog a lot lately, and I realized one reason I haven’t. When I first came over to WordPress, I’ve always wanted to import my old LJ journal (a good year and a half’s worth of my life that I’d like to keep around) but when I tried it was WAY too hard. But maybe I’ll make that my next project. I’m working on getting a copy of a blog-publishing client like MarsEdit or Ecto to make it easier for me to update too, so my laziness is less of an issue =P

Ok, so my life is hectic now. I was recently promoted to the Regional Producer for the US (basically leading the entire US team) over at Generation Q Media, which is a big deal for me. It’s not a paid position, but it’s a position with a lot of decision power and responsibility. I’ve been wondering if this whole journalism thing might be what I want to do eventually, but I think the part I’m most excited about is really the management position, which fits into my plan to major in Business. So oh well. But Generation Q has been taking up a lot of my thought lately and I have some work to do with getting the members of the US team back together into a more cohesive group. And on top of everything our Content Management System (what we use to post articles) went down last night and all our articles since February have been deleted, which means a LOT of catch-up for us. But like I said, it’s a challenge I’m excited for. So you’ll be hearing more about that soon, I’m sure.

My music column over at Gay Socialites is doing pretty well too, but finding the time between homework, social obligations, and my work at Generation Q is a challenge. But I really enjoy reviewing new music each week so it’s worth it. I’m attempting to pin down a constant day that I can write, but with my crazy schedule that can be a challenge.

As for this blog, I’m really going to make it something I use more often. I know basically NO ONE reads it, but having somewhere to gather my thoughts and just post stuff so if anyone is actually interested they can read it is important to me. I’m going to start posting the weird ass dreams I always have too so that mysubconcious may entertain you all.

Blonde on the Inside (my podcast) is doing really well too. I’m excited to record our 11th episode ASAP because I’m rediculously prepared for it. You should all go check it out! It’s quite fun.

Well, I’m currently at work so I should get back to hum-drum data entry. If anyone out there actually reads this, you should let me know! Leave a comment and make me feel validated =P

Hello all you in cyberland…

Even though I’m fairly sure no one even reads this =P

Charlie just left my house, so I’m just chillin’ and relaxing. But I have to shower and get in bed earlier than midnight tonight, unlike the last few days lol. 5 hours of sleep is not enough to operate on comfortably. But oh well, everything went fairly smoothly today. I made fun inserts for my new binders last night, one of which is all pictures of me and my girls from high school and one is all my Mel-bugs and I. Apparently a very high school-ish thing to do, but I never did it then so why not start now?

Charlie came over to my house for dinner tonight which was fun. My mom made homemade tacos and we all sat and talked for a long time. My family seems to be very open-arms to Charlie, and whether or not they know we’re dating yet, I have no complaints. My grandma from Texas and my mom both hug him when they see him and are all very conversational and seem to enjoy his company. I’ll take what I can get at this point =P

Work was actually fine today. It kinda felt like it was dragging on at one point, but I got frantically busy afterwards so the rest of it flew by. I love my job, its the only job I know of where you can work on homework if you’re done with all the pressing work. My boss is awesome and I generally like all the people I work with. Plus i get a raise up to 9.75 in October! Soo woot for that.

Anyway, no ideas yet about what I plan to change my blogging too (see my last 2 blogs for what I mean). Though I’ve decided to get a separate blog for my other idea so I still have my own personal lil outlet. Sooo keep an eye out for that.

Its shower time, a little gaming time, then bed time! G’night all!