So I’ve spent very little time working online for the last two weeks. I must admit, it’s been kinda nice to take a bit of a break from my online life, but now it’s time to get back into it and pull it all back together. After a camping trip with my boyfriend I checked all my e-mail accounts and had quite a bit of mail. Over the next few days I replied to a bunch of stuff and didn’t check it for a while, but apparently it all got denied somehow. I’m guessing there was an error with my mail program, which sucks, but I just need to tear myself away from WoW at home long enough to get to all of it.

So, in that vein of thinking, I have a number of things to do:

  • Re-check and sift through all my e-mail (probably upwards of 50 new mails at this point)
  • Follow up on the new reporter applications for Generation Q
  • Get my new Audiogasm up (Paramore’s new album ROCKS, by the way)
  • Get a few new articles started for Generation Q
  • Fine some article ideas to distribute to writers

Lots of other stuff to. Add to that detailing my car, going to the gym, dealing with family, and making as much time as possible with Charlie (which has been in short supply lately), and I’m a busy boy.

Speaking of Charlie, I’m trying to take him out on a date this weekend, and I have very few ideas for fun things to do. I have some money finally, but I’d much rather not have to spend a whole lot. But I would spend every cent I have to make him happy.

And now on top of everything else, I have been presented with some opposing opportunities at work and have some decisions to make (as to where I will be transferring to). It’s actually quite stressful at the moment, but I’m hoping that I make the right decision.

Well, time to get back to work. Woo.


Wow… or… WoW Rather

June 21, 2007

So I’m in WoW mode now apparently. I just had my first night of playing for a while, and it’s quite enjoyable so far. Started my Blood Elf Priest “Enrith” and managed to get to level 10. One of the things that I’ve noticed most about the game so far is the artistic skill put into the design of the environment of this game. Namely I’m referencing the Blood Elf capital of Silvermoon City. However geeky you might think that the game in general is, you have to appreciate the skill put into designing and fleshing out the designs in this game. It’s quite impressive to just travel around this massive game world and see what these people have created.

A screenshot entering Silvermoon City

Getting back into this realm of geekdom has actually inspired me to re-read the work I’ve put into the world I created a long time back and do some revising and adding. I created a new fantasy-based world with it’s own unique races (none of the human-dwarf-elf-orc etc standards), gods, histories, and soon to be magics and languages. It’s entertaining and a good outlet for some of the creativity that I’ve been missing in my life. One of the newest races I’ve added are called the “Vespertine,” the name being inspired by a song by my friend Edward’s band “The Belvedines.” “Vespertine” is an adjective that relates to something happening in the evening, usually in biology. It was also apparently the name of an album by Bjork, which I didn’t know.


Anyway, I’ve actually been pretty productive at work today and I’m going to jump back into it and get some more work done before I leave at 3.

So I re-installed my copy of World of Warcraft yesterday. And downloaded a free trial of the expansion, Burning Crusades. And re-activated my account. Once more I descend into the abyss that is my geekery.

If I had the choice, I’d ditch WoW in a hearbeat to return to the classic days of Ultima Online, before it went all wonky. I used to play that game for hours, and never really got very far in improving my characters. But I still had a great time. Then they made it all 3D, and then started introducing weird crap like Samurai and other things. Luckily I had stopped playing before that happened. The obvious solution, of course, is to join one of the many free shards that are floating around. You can download the game’s client for free nowadays and just jump on someone’s free server and play. But it’s not the same experience as it used to be. Alas, one can rarely return to those carefree days of yore…

So for now I’m content with World of Warcraft. Katie from work plays and I’ve started a new character on the same server that she plays on, so at least now I’ll actually know someone that plays rather than all of my friends just kinda looking at me funny whenever I mention it.

But my Blood Elf Warlock will never be quite as cool as my Mage with the misspelled name, “Pheonix.”

Back in the Driver’s Seat

December 3, 2006

So finally, after a little less than a month, I started driving again officially yesterday. We got a rental car, an ’07 Chevy Cobalt (which I’m in love with now), and so I’m back on the road. Actually I feel back to normal driving again, not a whole lot of leftover nervousness about driving myself. I’m still freaked while riding in a car with someone else, but now that I’ve got wheels of my own (relatively) it’s not as big of a deal.

Charlie and I had our one year anniversary on Sunday, though due to school, my lack of transportation, and family obligations (which sucks). We plan on doing something soon though. We also plan on getting each other a gift that we’ve picked ou, but that will also have to wait (Christmas gifts are more expensive when you grow up and you parents no longer just buy stuff for other people on your behalf).

I went and picked Charlie up from his house today and we went to the Galleria so I could start my Christmas shopping. I haven’t had a lot of chance to see hime recently due to all this accident crap so it was pretty much amazing to see him and spend time with him. Later we met up with Steph and Kacey and went to see the new Van Wilder movie, which was suprisingly good. Then I dropped everyone off and drove on home. I NEED to work out somewhere and some time to spend a good amount of alone time with Charlie. Just to lay around and cuddle up and be close. God knows we need it.

Anyway it’s way late and I need some sleep. Though I’m probably going to end up playing World of Warcraft before I go to sleep. Oh well. Ob la di, and all that.