disneygown.jpgSo many people dream of one day being swept away by their very own Prince (or Princess) Charming, and Disney has just the thing to make that dream feel even more realistic.

On April 15th they unveiled their line of Disney Princess inspired wedding gowns designed by Kirstie Kelly at the New York Bridal Fashion Week. They are advertised to be inspired by, and not copies of, the dresses worn by the Disney Princesses in their films. Disney Consumer Products says that “the collection combines a fashion-forward look with timeless elements inspired by the Disney Princesses themselves, including Ariel, Aurora/Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine and Snow White.”

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Wow… or… WoW Rather

June 21, 2007

So I’m in WoW mode now apparently. I just had my first night of playing for a while, and it’s quite enjoyable so far. Started my Blood Elf Priest “Enrith” and managed to get to level 10. One of the things that I’ve noticed most about the game so far is the artistic skill put into the design of the environment of this game. Namely I’m referencing the Blood Elf capital of Silvermoon City. However geeky you might think that the game in general is, you have to appreciate the skill put into designing and fleshing out the designs in this game. It’s quite impressive to just travel around this massive game world and see what these people have created.

A screenshot entering Silvermoon City

Getting back into this realm of geekdom has actually inspired me to re-read the work I’ve put into the world I created a long time back and do some revising and adding. I created a new fantasy-based world with it’s own unique races (none of the human-dwarf-elf-orc etc standards), gods, histories, and soon to be magics and languages. It’s entertaining and a good outlet for some of the creativity that I’ve been missing in my life. One of the newest races I’ve added are called the “Vespertine,” the name being inspired by a song by my friend Edward’s band “The Belvedines.” “Vespertine” is an adjective that relates to something happening in the evening, usually in biology. It was also apparently the name of an album by Bjork, which I didn’t know.


Anyway, I’ve actually been pretty productive at work today and I’m going to jump back into it and get some more work done before I leave at 3.

Volunteering at Pride

June 18, 2007

One Insider’s Look at the State of our Community
By Luke Miller

I had never been to a Pride celebration before this Saturday, where I was volunteering throughout the day. This gave me a number of looks at the state of our queer community (and community in general).

I was working at one of the two entry gates into the Pride festival in Sacramento’s Southside Park on Saturday, June 16th. This was Sacramento’s 20th annual Pride celebration, and the turnout was huge. So many people came through that gate that I could barely believe it. There were a lot of families, pairs, and groups of people, which was very nice to see.

Until about an hour into it, anyway.

I was yelled at by two large lesbians, a few transsexuals, given dirty looks and comments by a number of gay men, and was confronted quite angrily by a rather imposing drag queen. Between simple things like not allowing people to bring coolers into the festival (which is pretty much standard procedure at these types of events nowadays), having entertainers and volunteers walk around to another gate, and asking people to see their tickets so I could rip the stub off, I was confronted innumerable times, which I honestly could not understand and did not expect.

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Hey all. Very stressful 9/11 for me in a lot of ways. I’m not gonna go into it much, other than to post an article that I’ve written and will hopefully be published on the website that I write for, http://www.generationq.net.

American Apathy Towards 9/11
By Luke Miller

Too often on this, the 5th anniversary of that fateful September 11th of 2001 was I scorned by friends and strangers in my classes for showing emotion in relation to the events that transpired. Yes, remembering the deaths of those 2,749 completely innocent people killed in a savage act of terrorism and murder evokes strong emotions in me. What I can’t understand is why so many people, and especially young people, in our country don’t share those same emotions.

On that beautiful morning, two planes tore into a major center of American commerce in an open act of aggression and war. The tearing metal, shattering glass, crumbling walls, and incendiary jet fuel destroyed the lives of many in the building on impact alone.

The innocent men, women, and children aboard the planes suffered the abject horror of what was about to happen and were also utterly destroyed.

People were incinerated where they stood and dashed to pieces. People actually leapt to their death rather than suffer the horror of the roaring flames.

The structural integrity of the buildings failed and collapsed, killing so many more and trapping others underneath the rubble, waiting for a slow and painful death.

Many of these were courageous policemen and fire fighters rushing to help those that they could. These people were crushed. Pierced. Choked to death on clouds of dust. Had the very life torn from them by those that wish our entire country death. They had their flesh burned from their bones.

A courageous crew on United Airlines flight 93 spent their last minutes of life attempting to prevent further loss of life and destruction.

Why is it that when someone shows reverence for those who have died, many people feel the need to play down what they are feeling? Why are Americans afraid to remember that 2,749 innocent American citizens were ruthlessly slaughtered in cold blood by terrorists? When I told a friend that I had cried when watching the story of two French brothers who were doing a documentary on a local fire station when the attacks occurred, his response was literally “God, people still think that much about it? Why can’t we just move on already?” I’m not talking about the war in Iraq, or about Afghanistan, or the President. I am talking about the murder of thousands of Americans.

We should be rising up as a people, showing solidarity in this time of remembrance and pain. No matter your views on our President, the war we are in, or any other political rhetoric tied to this event, don’t insult the lives of those that died in the fires and destruction of the terrorist attacks by downplaying and saying we should forget.

Why have Americans begun to forget? The terrorists haven’t.

I’m hoping it will be published, but I can’t say for sure. If it is, I’ll let you all know.


Random Writings

August 11, 2004

I got bored last night and wrote a random essay-ish thing. Thought I’d post it.

People talk about “the one” that is out there waiting for them. What do they mean by that? That there’s only one person in the world that compliments a person’s traits to the point of being a perfect match? But what if you piss that person off beyond recovery? Are you destined to live without your perfect match for the rest of your life? Will that make you unhappy?

What If I miss my “one” somehow? What if I find them and for some reason I’m not their “one?” Shouldn’t there be more than one person out there for the relationship inept like me? Think about it, there are millions of people in the US alone, wouldn’t the odds be in your favor of having more than one match?

I hope there’s not just one. Knowing my wierdness I’d end up fucking up somehow. I think I’ll go with the more than one philosophy. I couldn’t live knowing I missed out on my one true love. I just couldn’t.

So yea. There’s that. And I wrote a crappy poem a while ago but never posted it like I had planned.

Falling for You

Something nags at the back of my mind.

Tripping over something
That I saw coming
Miles away,
Yet I am caught totally off guard.
Shock, pleasant at that,
At discovering what this obstruction is.

Something nags at the back of my mind.

Something that completes me,
Compliments the half-person that I am now
And makes me whole.

I’m falling.
Gravity takes effect after my moment of bliss,
But seeing the ground come toward me
Faster than I thought
Worries me.

The nagging is a memory, of this scenario played out before.
I fall and land.
I am broken.

I’m falling for you this time.
Will your embrace be there to catch me?
Or will my already scarred knees be torn
Once again?

The nagging memory,
Of lying broken
On the floor
Is made real

Anyway, ya depressing.


March 22, 2004

Minimum day today, school = boring, took Jef home after school and almost died on his road lol. Working on my book more, did an hour and a half of typing notes and editing them etc. I want to find a better way to draw maps, on the computer or something. Mine are ok but not all that i want them to be. Meh.

Major drama with Greg, I feel so bad for him but glad that he called and that I did what I could to help. Hopin it all get smoothed out…

5 days until Saaaaaaaturday! I gotta make sure that my story is all worked out and mention that someone “might be wanting people to hang out after the competition, but that I’m not sure yet.” Im hoping soooooo much that I can get them to let me go, I want to go on this date really bad. I seriously get butterflies thinking about it, so hopefulyl thats a sign of good things to come!

Muah! Muah!

Ciao all!