Hullo all! Sadly I haven’t really felt much like updating for a while, but also sadly, there really hasn’t been anything super amazing and post worthy going on. I got a new icon!

Ohhhh my god. Yesterday in Peer Counseling we had a substitute and he was this really short coach guy. He was extremely annoying. He was late to class, slept during the movie we were watching, talked on his cell phone while we were doing a worksheet, yelled at us for being disrespectful, yelled at us for not remembering the questions on the paper he collected (and sent someone out for not knowing the answer to a question he didn’t read), and got people’s names wrong and basically said “I don’t care” when we corrected him. Oh, oh, ohhh! AND when I raised my hand to answer a question, he looks at me and says “Yes ma’am?” so I figure he was just dumb, and said “You mean sir?” and he just stared at me until I answered the question. Grr. Luckily we bitched to our teacher a lot about him so hopefully he won’t be coming back.


I had such a blast! I met my date at her friend’s house and we took some pictures there and then ate dinner at Strings in El Dorado Hills. Best pasta ever!! Then we went to Cameron’s house, which is right down the street from the school and hung out til it was time to go to the dance. I met Cameron and Emily, and they’re really fun people. Everyone looked so great in their fancy clothes! Ill upload a pic my mom took of me if I ever get my pics off my camera.

The dance itself was omg so great. Despite the new crappy dance rules, I still danced like I normally do, I just had to be a lil strategic about it. Rose’s and my picture is so adorable, and we got a group pic too. I saw “Baub” there, and he was extremely cute. Brown Dickies, brown undershirt, and a pink buttonup. Can we say… yum? lol

Other than that I can’t think of anything to update. My hair needs to be cut, as do my fingernails, school is going well, relatively drama-free other than band. Work is still poo and I have to get used to another new guy. I could always hope hes really cute and/or gay so I can have some eye candy on the job.

Oh well, Ob la Di, Ob la da, Life goes on!