So I’ve pretty much failed miserably in my goal to actually blog consistently. If you want to see the reason for my laxadasical blogacity (look at my vocabulary go!), check out the page for Blonde On the Inside, the podcast that my best friend and I have been creating. We have a growing listener base and the show is growing and getting better by the week!

I have a car of my own finally. I ended up getting a 2000 Toyota Solara, which is MEGA HOT. It get’s basically the same (or better) mileage than my Civic did and has a much bigger gas tank. I haven’t filled the tank for like a week and I still have a quarter tank left. It’s a funny feeling, I feel like my car is gonna run out of gas at any minute because it’s been so long since I filled it up, but then I feel better when I think about how much money I’m saving.

Only other news is that my Wish List is updated a little. I’m adding CD’s now and removed a few things that I ended up getting for Christmas. I feel very greedy and materialistic making this list, but its not like I’m trying to coerce people into buying me things. Though I wouldn’t mind if they did =P