Well my cohost on the seemingly (but not really!) defunct podcast “Instant Gratification” and I are going to start a Sacramento-centered pop culture magazine called NINE1SIX. It’s going to be pretty fantastic. I don’t really wanna go into all of the details as to what we’re gonna have yet, but you can rest easy that it’ll be pretty awesome.BW NINE1SIX Headshot 1

And in a similar area, NINE1SIX will be hosting Instant Gratification once it’s up and running, and the podcast itself will be getting (another) complete overhaul. This time we think that what we’re changing it to will be both more enjoyable (nay, bearable) to listen to and easier to put together. With a bit of initial work, all we’ll have to do is record some content and then I edit it to become a much more polished 30 minute show. As with the magazine, I’ll leave the details for the re-launch. If you want to check the podcast out, the first 5 episodes are up at it’s blog, but you ought to hurry as those will be taken down and classified “IG Classic” and saved for later. We’ll be restarting the numbering at 1 once the move takes place.

Oh, and for the website, my Creative Director (Edward) and I had a really fantastic photo shoot with his photographer friend. I’ll go ahead and post one of the really good headshots she took, but you’ll have to wait with mounting anticipation for the rest!K, well I’m outta here. My fingers feel like icicles as I’m sitting outside at the True Love Coffee House downtown, and typing is becoming increasingly impossible.It was nice catching up. We should do it again sometime.



December 21, 2007

It’s cold out here.