Fun fun!

November 27, 2004

Tonight was a blast! I went down to the Downtown Plaza al by myself and didnt die, managed to find my way there and everything, found good parking, even on “Black Friday.” Met my friend Tony there and his friend Joe, went shopping a lil bit and got my mom her birthday present. We were gonna go ice skating and Joe wore sandals, so we had to go get him socks at Gap, and then the rink closed on us so we took them back *shakes fist at rink* So we puttered around the mall for a bit and then decided to go to Tony’s and hang out and play video games =P It was good fun, whooped some (not a lot, but some) butt at Marvel vs. Capcom by just pushing all the buttons. Then some Mario Cart on the Game Cube and i had to jet. Made it home without getting lost as well! Can’t wait to move down there, I know quite a few people in the area and it should be fun to have my own place i can invite people to.

Tony’s just as awesome in person as he is online, though i felt awkward-ish around him. Maybe it was because i was expecting it to just be us, maybe i felt young, i dunno. I had a lot of fun nonetheless. His friend Joe was awesome too, reminded me a lot of Greg.

K. sleepy time.


Still needing a snog

August 12, 2004

Fiddly fo fum

Bored. My neice and brother came over after my dad and other brother got back from their trip to South Dakota. They went to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally over there. Something like 600,000 people and it was only the first day.

Still listening to the Postal Service, still godly. But, as my title suggests, ive been in a snogging (kissing) mood. Kinda makes me wish for things that are gone already. Oh well, Ill evenually get another snogging partner (i.e. boyfriend) it’s just a matter of how god damn soon lol. I havent been single for that long but I’m ready to not be again. “Fancy a snog?” *uses the cool new finger quotes thing that everyone should do becasue cool people do it*

I just love the word “snog” wherever the hell the British came up with it. That and jimjams must be added to my vocabulary.

I’m supposed to be making up a list of things I want for my birthday. On the “bright side” I’ll probably be working on hte night of my birthday. Woot. I get to be at one of my least favorite places on my birthday, how breathtaking. I also need to come up with a date and theme for my party. I did Hollywood last year, and that turned out splendidly. Dunno for this year.

Greg comes up on saturday to hang out. That should be super funtabulous.

I need to do something on Sunday too preferrably, after work, being the last day of summer and all. Doubt many people are still free on short notice though. Maybe someone can squeeze me in.

I need a snog

August 12, 2004

I feel all classy and shit. I made myself some quiche for breakfast and sat in the breakfast room eating and reading “On the Bright Side, I’m Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God” book 2 in the hilarious series by Louise Rennison that I’m reading. Ive decided to use more british slang, its fun. But my mom cam in and saw me reading and eating the appetizers (baby quiche lol) in my jimjams (one of those british words, im awesome already!). She just smiled and walked away. At least shes not pissed at me for getting in late last night. Well, either late for yesterday or early for today. But I have a set curfew of midnight now, bugger it all. Certain people shouldn’t be so damn fun to talk to. It was a GAS. *grin*

Got the Postal Service CD. Most relaxing thing I believe I’ve ever listened to in the history of things being listened to. The end. (gotta give Greg credit for that little tag on the end)

I died when i read this. This book has a little glossary the author wrote to help the not so bright American audience understand some of the slang. This one made me almost pee.

“fag – In our liberal land fag can mean cigarette as well as homosexual. Hence lighting a fag is not the cruel practice that you Americans might think.”

Not even the funnest thing in this lady’s books. Quite hilarious.

Aaaanyway. Yep. Done.

why hello darlings!! this is the famous, NOT infamous, GREG! you may have read about like once on Luke’s LJ because he never updates. (even though when i met him at the CAPPS conference, he said he’s an LJ whore…dirty liar that luke is) hahaha. well yeah. we both applied to the community __Glowing and so should you all! it’s fun. and i’m the mary and luke is the rhoda.

with that in mind, i leave you all with these following public service announcements:
+eat your greens and stay in school
+go and watch “Dress to Kill” by Eddie Izzard. funny man, that Eddie Izzard
+I am the BEST EVER. send me cash or gold. and have luke send me my letter and a box of COUNT CHOCULA!!

Love Always,
Everyone’s favorite Queen,


Tra la la!

April 1, 2004

Hola all! Its been a while since I updated, I dunno just havent felt like it I guess. I had a little insentive from Greg to do this too 😛

I got to talk to Danny today! It makes me smile. We talked about Full House and his butt-exposing pants lol. I really hope that he and I can get together this weekend. I need to ask him what hes up to. Mel’s cancelled party gives me a PERFECT opportunity to get out for a while, quite a while actually. Score!

Umm not too much else. Oh, I’m officially a farm boy. We got baby chickens today, theyre ADORABLE! But they’ll be annoying when they get bigger. Especially since we dont know which are male and female. So we could have like 3 roosters. *vomit*

I made a bracelet with beads that my neice brought, she picked out neon pink as my starting color. I added baby blue, lime green, and purple. Its totally a raver bracelet. I wanna make like 2 more, but shes leaving 😦

Well. Anyway. Nothing else I guess. With Aaron leaving school Im one of the only totally out guys at my school that I know of. Kinda daunting but not that bad. Mrs. Luna was talkin to me about it today during English. Its cool tho, if anyhting bad comes of it in any way I have friends to back me up, and I can take it as a learning experience.

Ok. NOW nothing else. Seriously.

P.S. Ashley was wearing Mango Mandarin body spray from Bath and Body Works today, same stuff that Russel wore. Happy memories 🙂 I wish Russ and I still talked, tho we’re not dating I still wanan be friends with him. I miss him and Chris. and danny. and D. and serena. and kat. and all the other ppl I’ve lost contact with over my 3 1/2 months of captivity.


March 22, 2004

Minimum day today, school = boring, took Jef home after school and almost died on his road lol. Working on my book more, did an hour and a half of typing notes and editing them etc. I want to find a better way to draw maps, on the computer or something. Mine are ok but not all that i want them to be. Meh.

Major drama with Greg, I feel so bad for him but glad that he called and that I did what I could to help. Hopin it all get smoothed out…

5 days until Saaaaaaaturday! I gotta make sure that my story is all worked out and mention that someone “might be wanting people to hang out after the competition, but that I’m not sure yet.” Im hoping soooooo much that I can get them to let me go, I want to go on this date really bad. I seriously get butterflies thinking about it, so hopefulyl thats a sign of good things to come!

Muah! Muah!

Ciao all!