Fun fun!

November 27, 2004

Tonight was a blast! I went down to the Downtown Plaza al by myself and didnt die, managed to find my way there and everything, found good parking, even on “Black Friday.” Met my friend Tony there and his friend Joe, went shopping a lil bit and got my mom her birthday present. We were gonna go ice skating and Joe wore sandals, so we had to go get him socks at Gap, and then the rink closed on us so we took them back *shakes fist at rink* So we puttered around the mall for a bit and then decided to go to Tony’s and hang out and play video games =P It was good fun, whooped some (not a lot, but some) butt at Marvel vs. Capcom by just pushing all the buttons. Then some Mario Cart on the Game Cube and i had to jet. Made it home without getting lost as well! Can’t wait to move down there, I know quite a few people in the area and it should be fun to have my own place i can invite people to.

Tony’s just as awesome in person as he is online, though i felt awkward-ish around him. Maybe it was because i was expecting it to just be us, maybe i felt young, i dunno. I had a lot of fun nonetheless. His friend Joe was awesome too, reminded me a lot of Greg.

K. sleepy time.


Random Quizzie

November 13, 2004

Would anyone want to bang you? by phobia
Favorite Food:
Wants to Bang you:
This many times: 163
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Thats right bitches. I got Britney. 163 times. HA!

Roll on, roll off!

November 7, 2004

Hola all. Poo day kinda. I woke up and got ready for work, and i had a flat tire. So my aunt had to drive me to work as my dad used my mom’s car or something. Whatever. Work was balls. Got home, did my homework, then got bitched at by my dad for “not”.

Then went back to work at 5. Got out at 7. Wanted to go to Kohl’s to get this really cute shirt i saw in the paper that was on sale, but no, its sunday so they closed at like 6. Balls. Again.

Boys suck. Peter is poo. And emotions are confusing and annoying. I always like people I shouldn’t and the ones I should I don’t. I’m a dumb boy.

So here I am.

And I’m out.


November 6, 2004

Its late and I know I haven’t updated in probably a million years but I’m tired.

Today was the last field show of my life probably, and I don’t think the depressingness has caught up to me.

Peter isn’t interested after all and I didn’t even hear this from him. Bitch. Took a month and a half for this to become known and this whole time I’m blindly liking him and asking him out. Balls to that I say. Balls.

Tomorrow I’m going bowling with people, Russel and Mel and Corrynn, possibly Kat? She’ll likely be working though… We’re going to pick up Russ and then go to the mall for a bit then to Glow Bowl at the Folsom Lanes, then after that something else? I dunno yet.

Nothing else.

I need a good long shower. Right now.