Just got home from work.
Actually really enjoying it there now.
I have more seniority now, basically almost head busser (only guy above me is in training for waiter)
Its good to have power.

I really just don’t want to go to school tomorrow.
All I’m doing is doing nothing in T.A.
Then I Feel Day in Peer Counseling.
Which I’m not really wanting at the moment.
Because apparently I talk too much
And no one can spare a though to tell me nicely
Rather than half the class telling me to shut up.
I know I talk to much.
Call me on it, by all means.
But do it with a bit of kindness.
Even people who talk to much have feelings.

Saturday, getting Sadie’s gear.
Got my $336 paycheck cashed so I have more than enough funds for tickets, clothes, and pics.
Plus I get payed the day before the dance.
So more pluses there.
Not sure what we’re doing for pictures yet.
Not sure what we’re doing for much of the dance at all yet limh
(P.S. limh = Laughing in my head
Because really.
Who lol’s all that much anyway?
Pronounced lih-meh
Spread it.)
Id love to get the couple’s pictures because that would be cute.
But controversy will be abounding at that point.
I don’t feel like egging it on anymore than I have to.
I’m sure that nothing will happen.
Some people will make comments
Some might start rumors
(Not that I haven’t heard the “Luke Miller is gay” one yet)
But in the end, I’ll be there with the hottest boy at the dance
And knowing that I’m the one that gets to kiss him.
And most people will look, keep their thoughts to themselves, and move on.

Debating whether or not to try for a kiss during a slow dance…
That would be hot.

Funny thing is I know he’s prbly gonna read this.
So be prepared for a romantic kiss at some point.
Or at multiple points.
Let me know if you’d rather me not in front of the people.

Basically Im way too excited for this dance.
I need to order our t-shirts.
And find a place to buy masks.
Party warehouse?
Wishing Well?
We’ll see.

My car will HOPEFULLY be done tomorrow, and I’m not knocking on any god damn wood.
Thats failed me so far.
Ill knock on plastic.
Or leather.
But no wood.
There was some stuff wrong with houw we put the engine back together so we fixed that.
Waiting for new intake gaskets to come in.




February 2, 2005

Ok fuck.
This was a hella long entry but noooo my computer hates me.
First entry in a long time.
In short, new style inspired by the wonderful Ms. Kelsey.
One sentence per line.
Drama at school, rumors, stupid people.
Made an anti-Valentine’s day cake.
Sharing it with Peer Counseling.
Going to lose 20 lbs.
I’m muscly under my slight pudge.
Once I lose that, board shorts, no shirt, flip flops, and musclyness.
Oh yes.
Reading up on 20th century fashion trends and becoming knowledgeable.
School = Good.
Still being single = Bad.
Not having a car for 2.5 months = WORSE.
Though I should have my car back by next week.
Ok I spent too long on the first entry.
Time to go to sleep.

Hullo all! Sadly I haven’t really felt much like updating for a while, but also sadly, there really hasn’t been anything super amazing and post worthy going on. I got a new icon!

Ohhhh my god. Yesterday in Peer Counseling we had a substitute and he was this really short coach guy. He was extremely annoying. He was late to class, slept during the movie we were watching, talked on his cell phone while we were doing a worksheet, yelled at us for being disrespectful, yelled at us for not remembering the questions on the paper he collected (and sent someone out for not knowing the answer to a question he didn’t read), and got people’s names wrong and basically said “I don’t care” when we corrected him. Oh, oh, ohhh! AND when I raised my hand to answer a question, he looks at me and says “Yes ma’am?” so I figure he was just dumb, and said “You mean sir?” and he just stared at me until I answered the question. Grr. Luckily we bitched to our teacher a lot about him so hopefully he won’t be coming back.


I had such a blast! I met my date at her friend’s house and we took some pictures there and then ate dinner at Strings in El Dorado Hills. Best pasta ever!! Then we went to Cameron’s house, which is right down the street from the school and hung out til it was time to go to the dance. I met Cameron and Emily, and they’re really fun people. Everyone looked so great in their fancy clothes! Ill upload a pic my mom took of me if I ever get my pics off my camera.

The dance itself was omg so great. Despite the new crappy dance rules, I still danced like I normally do, I just had to be a lil strategic about it. Rose’s and my picture is so adorable, and we got a group pic too. I saw “Baub” there, and he was extremely cute. Brown Dickies, brown undershirt, and a pink buttonup. Can we say… yum? lol

Other than that I can’t think of anything to update. My hair needs to be cut, as do my fingernails, school is going well, relatively drama-free other than band. Work is still poo and I have to get used to another new guy. I could always hope hes really cute and/or gay so I can have some eye candy on the job.

Oh well, Ob la Di, Ob la da, Life goes on!

Lots goin’ On

September 1, 2004

Hey all, I’ve been pretty occupied with other stuff, so I haven’t been able to update this as much as I’d like.

So my mom’s coming home from the hospital tomorrow I hope. She went in for a hicterectomy (bye bye interior female reproductive system) on monday and has been recovering. The pain medications she was put on were making her throw up and feel worse so she had to stay an extra night. I really wanted to go down to see her, but between her feeling bad and work, I sadly haven’t had the chance.

I’m getting really excited about my super awesome “Stop the Hate” demonstration at school. I talked to Peer Counseling and got a lot of volunteers, and some great feedback so I could alter parts of it to make it easier to swallow while still having a shock factor, and be more effective. Typing up the thing that I’m going to present to the principals next week, gonna show Mrs. Woodbury and get it approved friday. Woot.

Totally cute guy at school. Sophomore, but hes cute enough and has a great personality to make up for that. I’m pretty sure hes 16, so the age thing isnt an issue. The bad part is that I don’t even know if he’s gay, and due to a GSA rule that he brought up, I can’t ask him (confidentiality kinda thing). Gonna tell his friend Rose that I know that I think hes super cute (my wording will be “the cutest thing on 2 legs that I’ve seen in eons” so im more of my cute self lol) and see what her reaction is. It’ll either be “Oh, thats nice” or “OMG We’re totally setting you two up on a date.” Hopefully choice number 2.

Hes So cute!!

Anyway, back to typing.

Ciao bellas!


March 18, 2004

I dunno. I really don’t feel like updating this.

Im lonely. Songs make me really depressed. I didn’t share in peer counseling, ppl talked a long time about not too much and there was like 2 minutes when it got to me so i passed it on. Meh. Talkign about things in that class doesn’t seem to help, no one ever really seems to listen to me when im talking. I get the occasional question, but most everyone sits and stares blankly until i say something funny.

Tired. Bed.

P.S. I lost 2 lbs this week from my new eating habits and exercise.



March 4, 2004

Boringness. Today was fun, I was uber hyper in P.C. cuz I had a frappuchino b4 school and a Rockstar during the class. My “I Feel” was quite rapid lol.

Not too much else…

After school I just wanted to sit in a big green grassy field under a willow tree with the wind blowing… Dunno why exactly. Just seemed like it wouldve been an awesome thing to do.

So ya… Dunno nothing else I guess. I did all my homework. Just gotta do this more often.

Neway, Im done.

So tired!

February 29, 2004

So fun!! This last weekend was the CAPP Conference, had a major BLAST!! I don’t wanna type out everything, but heres a list of memories i wrote on the plane home listening to sydney’s cd “Motion City Soundtrack.” (Theyre an AWESOME band!)


Mr. Toads Wild Ride
-One ticket, u go to hell!!
Haunted Mansion made Disneyland the SADDEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!
Oh boy!
-Rancid Fish!
-Space Pickles!
-Space Tea!
-Wicked Witch!
-Poisoned Apple!
“We’re going to outer space!!”
Guy with flashlight, what are you for?
-Grinding Beth in the car
-Sydney, the 4 year old
It’s a Small World
-Bitchy movie star
-We found Nemo!!
-Why do they all have funky perms?
-Ooo sexy can-can dancers!
I want to swim in THAT cloud!
PJ’s … interesting … smell
Youth Speak Out
A very merry infection, to youuuuuu!
Losing my emo virginity
Ska dance at the tea cups!
My thrust-related injury
Evil Target incompetent mav VS. SYDNEYYYY!
Beth = Drunk + High off of Amp Energy Drink
I’ve got the boom boom!
Tone down the dancing, this is a peer counseling event!
Scary disappearing Emo Kid!
Scary disappearing kid in brown shirt!
Stewardess made me think of Britney Spears!!
Mel’s scary plane stories
Pirates of the Carribbean
-That skeleton has crabs!
-Mr. Gwyn is a pirate!
-OMG! An exit! Was that in the movie??
“Rich boy”
Smashing my nuts on the pole
Kirsten Storms!! Can I have your womb?
I’m a bluish-goldish-orangey-greenish color, I think!
I look emo! No Luke, u look drugged. there IS a difference!
Mel’s lack of film
Sydney = French girl at McDonalds!

K im done.

Friday will never come!!

February 24, 2004

Meh not much. Goin to L.A. this weekend for a peer counsling coference adn a 12 hour visit to Disneyland! Friday is YEARS away. Cant Wait.

Not much else. My rents are telling me i have to see “The Passions of Christ.” Im sick of them forcing this on me. If they want me to do what they want, wouldnt it be wiser to not guilt trip me into things? Then I might not be so against them. WOW! WHAT A SUPRISE!


February 18, 2004

Meh not much exciting. Still getting over the whole boy problem thing… Time heals all things.

I got off work like 2 hours early tonight so I decided to hang with Nikkay after grabbing some dinner at McD’s. She ate like half my fries… and eyed my sandwich until i gave her some lol.


“Huh? Oh…”


Omg too much funny, i can’t even remember some of it… now I know why ppl think im stoned all the time… lol Michael asked me if I was… Im just high on life baby!! =D

I Feel Day tomorrow… I can talk about the family crap and the boy stuff… hopefully it’ll help to get some more outside input. My self talk needs re-evaluating (All you peer counselors will know what I mean!).

Ok well im done.

Nikki u did get makeup on my shirt… My mom was asleep and my dad didnt comment… lol

Tee hee…

January 29, 2004

Woo! I’m dumb, I know, but I ate dinner tonight and my parents left for a few hours, so I made some orange juice and was lookin arounf the kitchen, and was like “Hey! Im home alone and I’ve never tried vodka!” So I made myself a Screwdriver (orange juice and vodka). So hehe Im kidna tipsy at the moment.

Anyway, ya, My net’s been pissing me off major. Its been off all day today, and all day yesterday. No. All day yesterday and all day today. Except for now. But its on so im not quite so mad at it. Yup.

Not a whole lot going on. Drove Teena home today, wanted to tell this 10 year old that was making faces at us either that I was 16 and could beat his ass or insult his matching talents. lol.

Peer Counseling was good, got to unload some stress. Its nice that a lot of it has been slowly disappearing. Very nice. 🙂

Goin stag to Winter Ball, Kat has to work. Im kinda glad, tho it sounds bad, tho i dont mean it badly. We might hang out afterward, but she wouldnt know anyone there that I’d be hanging out with. Plus now I get to hang out with Erin and Mallerie before the dance! Im wearing this fun mint green shirt with my vest and slacks. Either mint green, butter yellow, or this rosey pink color. So ya! Im done.

Vodka tastes like rubbing alcohol…

Clueless makes me happy! Im gonna go watch Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on DVD! YAY!