I’m bored at work. I literally have no work to do at the moment. Read on for the log series of quizzes I am occupying myself with…

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Click here and read this blog post about this new weight loss pill. I almost died laughing.

Wow… or… WoW Rather

June 21, 2007

So I’m in WoW mode now apparently. I just had my first night of playing for a while, and it’s quite enjoyable so far. Started my Blood Elf Priest “Enrith” and managed to get to level 10. One of the things that I’ve noticed most about the game so far is the artistic skill put into the design of the environment of this game. Namely I’m referencing the Blood Elf capital of Silvermoon City. However geeky you might think that the game in general is, you have to appreciate the skill put into designing and fleshing out the designs in this game. It’s quite impressive to just travel around this massive game world and see what these people have created.

A screenshot entering Silvermoon City

Getting back into this realm of geekdom has actually inspired me to re-read the work I’ve put into the world I created a long time back and do some revising and adding. I created a new fantasy-based world with it’s own unique races (none of the human-dwarf-elf-orc etc standards), gods, histories, and soon to be magics and languages. It’s entertaining and a good outlet for some of the creativity that I’ve been missing in my life. One of the newest races I’ve added are called the “Vespertine,” the name being inspired by a song by my friend Edward’s band “The Belvedines.” “Vespertine” is an adjective that relates to something happening in the evening, usually in biology. It was also apparently the name of an album by Bjork, which I didn’t know.


Anyway, I’ve actually been pretty productive at work today and I’m going to jump back into it and get some more work done before I leave at 3.

So I re-installed my copy of World of Warcraft yesterday. And downloaded a free trial of the expansion, Burning Crusades. And re-activated my account. Once more I descend into the abyss that is my geekery.

If I had the choice, I’d ditch WoW in a hearbeat to return to the classic days of Ultima Online, before it went all wonky. I used to play that game for hours, and never really got very far in improving my characters. But I still had a great time. Then they made it all 3D, and then started introducing weird crap like Samurai and other things. Luckily I had stopped playing before that happened. The obvious solution, of course, is to join one of the many free shards that are floating around. You can download the game’s client for free nowadays and just jump on someone’s free server and play. But it’s not the same experience as it used to be. Alas, one can rarely return to those carefree days of yore…

So for now I’m content with World of Warcraft. Katie from work plays and I’ve started a new character on the same server that she plays on, so at least now I’ll actually know someone that plays rather than all of my friends just kinda looking at me funny whenever I mention it.

But my Blood Elf Warlock will never be quite as cool as my Mage with the misspelled name, “Pheonix.”

Yes, I know I spelled “declare” wrong. It’s for phonetic emphasis.

So busy weekend. I voulnteered at Sacramento Pride, which was stressful. Read my previous article post for more info (kinda). It’s a long story that I’d rather not go into. Suffice it to say, I really don’t plan on volunteering next year necessarily, though I’m sure I’ll change my mind by that time.

At work, as always. Got in early today finally, gotta keep that up. Really need the hours (and $$$). Sadly Charlie isn’t here and won’t be for the remainder of the summer. He officially started his water truck job with his parents’ company and is making a buttload of money by driving around and spraying water on dirt. I can’t complain, since having a loaded boyfriend has it’s perks. I’m just hoping that him being busy all day and tired afterward won’t cut in too horribly into our personal time, which is limited as it is. We’re hoping to take a trip with some friends to this condo at the coast, not sure where. We’re gonna rent the 3 bedroom house for like 2 nights and stay all weekend, should be a blast.

I’m going to be scheduling a CAT scan of my head sometime this week to have my sinuses checked out. I have a sinus infection that’s been going on for about 2 years now, no medications have worked and I’ve been lax in getting it checked out. It’s caused some pretty awful headaches and is usually pretty annoying, so the next step is to have a CAT scan done and see how extensive and severe the infection / nastiness buildup is. If it’s bad enough they’ll have to go in and cut the crap out and vacuum it out of my sinuses. Which just sounds like a load of fun, no?

Gotta finish the second episode of Instant Gratification. Episode 2.5 is done already, I just have to record the last 2 segments for the main episode. I’m wondering how well the show is going so far, it’s really hard for me to find time / a place to record my separate segments, since I can’t really record easily at home. The show could be great and I think if I had a private place I could go to record when I needed to, it would be a lot better. I have some ideas of some equipment I wanna buy to make it a lot easier too, which I’m sure will be added to my wish list soon. Even when I record with Edward for our “Fireside Chat” and “We Know How It Is” segments, we haven’t had a convenient place to record.

Anyhoo, stuff to work on. I should get back to mundane data entry now, but I very well may post again later.

Volunteering at Pride

June 18, 2007

One Insider’s Look at the State of our Community
By Luke Miller

I had never been to a Pride celebration before this Saturday, where I was volunteering throughout the day. This gave me a number of looks at the state of our queer community (and community in general).

I was working at one of the two entry gates into the Pride festival in Sacramento’s Southside Park on Saturday, June 16th. This was Sacramento’s 20th annual Pride celebration, and the turnout was huge. So many people came through that gate that I could barely believe it. There were a lot of families, pairs, and groups of people, which was very nice to see.

Until about an hour into it, anyway.

I was yelled at by two large lesbians, a few transsexuals, given dirty looks and comments by a number of gay men, and was confronted quite angrily by a rather imposing drag queen. Between simple things like not allowing people to bring coolers into the festival (which is pretty much standard procedure at these types of events nowadays), having entertainers and volunteers walk around to another gate, and asking people to see their tickets so I could rip the stub off, I was confronted innumerable times, which I honestly could not understand and did not expect.

Click here to read the rest of this article on Generation Q.net


June 8, 2007

So I’ve been doing a lot of pre-work on my new podcast. We have a LOT of ideas that are going to make the show hilarious. For one, I just got us an AIM phone number for use as a loser line and for one of our ideas that will be implemented very soon. If, for any reason, you feel like leaving us a message, please do! The number is (530) 683-1331

I have a second orientation for volunteering at Sacramento Pride. I’m actually pretty excited to work at Pride. I’ll be riding around in a golf cart all day with Edward and we’ll be collecting money from the entrance gates and various booths that are raising money for the Pride organization. Speaking of which, I need to call him and ask if he can come to the orientation tonight. Depending on what’s going on after that he and I might go to his grandparents’ house (hopefully bringing Charlie along) and work on the new podcast, and HOPEFULLY start recording for Episode 1.

Anyhoo, I’m at work and should get entering data.

Change the world! Work for the State!

So my podcast “Blonde on the Inside” is sadly at an end. As I’ve said a few times on both the podcast and it’s blog, unforseen circumstances have caused the show to end abruptly. Everyone is fine, no one is hurt or anything.

But in the same vein, I will be starting the other podcast I’ve been thinking about for quite a while, “Instant Gratification.” Edward, who guest hosted a lot on BOTI, will by my co-host on this show and it should be quite entertaining. We have a lot of ideas for what we want to do with the show, so definitely check it out. The first episode might be recorded this weekend, but might be later. I’m working on the podcast art, Myspace stuff, and all that managerial jazz right now, next up is to work with Edward on the layout of the show and to fine tune all of our ideas.

Check out Instant Gratification.

In other news, I’ve been a posting flurry over at Generation Q. It’s kinda nice to see my name up there a lot lol. We always could use more writers that can put up one article a week, so let me know if you’re interested.

I hate public bathrooms. I have largely gotten over my absolute aversion to them, but I still avoid using them if I can. People confuse me in them. I have musings and observations that I always intend to write about but never do. In The Bathroom Chronicles, I’m going to talk about the random things I experience. Because I’m that bored at work.

Seriously, people. Is grunting in the bathroom necessary? I can understand if you’re taking a particularly difficult crap, but even then, I have certainly never felt the need to grunt loudly whilst doing that. Not in private, and certainly not in a public bathroom where other people were present. And don’t get me started on people who grunt while peeing. Stop being gross. If I get to the point where I have to force it so hard that I have to grunt/moan/breathe loudly, please hand me the catheter.

Thus ends The Bathroom Chronicles, Entry 1.

My Next Read

June 1, 2007

I just heard about a book through another podcast (this time it was “The Daily Purge”) that I really would love to read. It’s called The Money Book for the Youn, Fabulous, & Broke. And I am young, I’d like to think I’m fabulous, and I am definitely broke! It looks like a really great book and JMH on The Daily Purge said that it was awesome. Lord knows I need more information on getting my finances all in order.


Back to work.